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DC First Appearances Figures

Figures Toy Company has taken us back to our childhood with their huge assortment of retro action figures.  Now, their DC Comics World's Greatest Heroes brand will be taking us back to the golden age of comic books with the upcoming August 2015 release of DC FIRST APPEARANCES retro action figures!
Inspired by the original appearances of DC's star studded superhero roster, Figures Toy Company will launch this new line with five figures featuring some of Gotham's greatest.  Batman, Batgirl, and Robin figures will arrive next year with likenesses taken from their earliest appearances in Detective Comics!  Not only that, but Batgirl will have a removable cowl, as will one of the two Batman figures in the assortment!  Each figure will be clad in their golden age garb.  Robin on a teen body will also be available in 2 versions: one with his yellow cape, and a more limited release of his figure with a green cape!
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2016 will be here before we know it, and Figures Toy Company is already promising the momentum of 2015 will continue into the new year. Wonder Woman Series 1 has already been revealed to be arriving in stock next year, and now these First Appearances figures will take us back to the
golden days of the comic book craze! There's plenty more in store, so be sure you're up to date on all of the latest Figures Toy Company news!

Visit Figures Toy Company for additional updates, pre-orders, and more! Follow them on social media, and be sure to use the hashtag #MMFTCNEWS for exclusive breaking news updates on all of their retro action figure licenses!

What's New in ReMego!


DST/EMCE Update – Trek really is back!

Last week Mego Museum members noticed that Kirk and Klingon were listed in the latest Previews.  We checked-in with Zach at DST and he confirmed that this is indeed a new run of figures.  But wait – there’s more!

Spock and Khan are next, and depending upon sales there’s a possibility that DST will run through the entire crew and possibly the Enterprise playset as part of the upcoming 50th Anniversary.  No guarantees here, but it’s safe to say that the better these fist four offerings sell, the higher the probability that we’ll see more.  Thanks DST/EMCE!


Entertainment Earth is offering free shipping on the Aquaman VS. the Great White Shark.

Carded Iron Man figures are extremely hard to find due to their short time in the marketplace. This carded example is one of less than ten known to exist and should be be fun to watch.

A beautiful example of a Kresge Carded Superman arrived on Ebay this week with a low starting bid.

Not Mego but this Big Jim P.A.C.K commander in his wonder Jack Kirby penciled box is pure 70s gold baby! 

Find out what it's worth by accessing our growing databse of completed Mego and 70s toy auction. We call it the Going Rate 

This nice variant AHI Dracula (note that the word "Official" is off the card) went for a seemingly affordable price recently.

Bill from the CIPSA (Mexico) Planet of the Apes Toylline is a high demand figure, even loose, as evidenced by this auction.

This Ledy Spider-Man in a reproduction box catches cash just like flies!

Fourth of July Salute to Captain America!

Nobody is more patriotic than Captain America and he's definitely one of our favourite Mego figures here at the Museum. Here are some of our favourite Cap items!

He may from the UK but Fist Fighting Cap is USA all the way!

All the cool superheroes get cars....

  Happening on the Forum:


Bruce Campbell looks groovy reprising Ash for his new TV series.

Big changes for Wolverine.

Super 7 is making 3 3/4" He-Man figures, they're pretty neat!


Custom of the Week - 6/29/2015 - Queen Hippolyta


With the recent announcement from FTC that a Wonder Woman assortment is in the works, it seems fitting to shine the spotlight on lilbrosj66's Queen Hippolyta made using a good bit of parts already in their inventory. Here's hoping that WW Wave 1 looks this good.


Customs Flashback

This week takes us back to 2008 and Type3Toys’ version of Captain America.  John is pretty much a ‘make it from scratch’ customizer, and what better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than with a little Cap.


Mego Mania on Facebook

The Mego Museum's fan page on Facebook, Mego Mania is another great place to interact with Mego fans. Fun treasures and are shared and sold all the time. 

Derek shared his progress on collecting Canadian carded Denim Pocket Heroes

PlaidStallions: Toy Sale at Alexanders

It's the 17th installment of the popular Vintage Toy Store photos thread, this time we look Ideal Star Team, Shogun Warriors, Bionic Woman, Barbie, Hot Wheels and some Star Wars early bird set.

Check it all out here and Volumes 1-16 are pretty trippy too.


Interesting Shopping at the Mego Museum Shopping Mall, swing by today and browse, we have plenty of parking.

Unproduced: Superman Fortress of Solitude

Meant as a tie in to Superman the movie, this fortess of Solitude was a repainted version of the original Comic Action Heroes set. Superman the movie didn't help Mego sell more Superman merchandise as expected, so this playset never got off the ground.

For more on this please visit our gallery here.

Mego Museum Trading Card #44: Klingon vs Kirk

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