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Friday, October 2, 2015
                                                   THIS WEEK'S BUZZ

Dear Event Industry Insiders,
ROOT (NYC) - The multi-purpose powerhouse venue in lower Chelsea.
Get the inside scoop on our favorite Urban Legend, artist Nick Walker, in a bold new book by Alan Ket.

Kick off the Fall Season at the Meatpacking District's Open Market New Original event this weekend. See more details below on special events and neighborhood wide promotions and discounts.

Get to know Anthony Larrisey, Principal and Creative Director at Industria Creative - provided by notable artist, Glenn Hanson.


The Kagency
ROOT (NYC) | Lower Chelsea 

ROOT (NYC), located at 443 West 18th Street, is on the cutting edge of the fashion and technology districts. This two-story, multi-functional and state-of-the-art photography studio offers three independent studios, a café, outdoor deck, and a host of event possibilities.

From art and automotive, to corporate, fashion and technology events, ROOT NYC is the perfect choice for distinguished clients looking to strike a balance between industrial chic, first-class service and amenities, and proximity to Meatpacking District hotels and public transportation.



Nick Walker | Featured in new book "Urban Art Legends"

'Urban Art,' previously referred to in certain stuffy circles as ‘graffiti,' is no longer taboo and confined to the cloak of night. It is a socially relevant art form, thanks to acclaimed artists like Banksy and Shepard Fairey, who’s pioneering ingenuity have not only brought it into the light of day, but into the spotlight.

In the book “Urban Art Legends” by Alan Ket, better known as the artist KET KET, the author presents the work of 38 well-known artists from around the world, including The Kagency’s own Nick Walker. In fact, Nick’s infamous bowler hatted vandal character graces the book’s cover and if you recall, is the same image Royal Doulton licensed and recreated in bone china, to be a limited edition figurine to celebrate their 200th Anniversary. 

The book vividly tells the story of the evolution of the genre through captivating images and backstories of the famed artists driving the movement. Also check out Nick's own book, "The Art of Nick Walker."

Book Nick Walker

Haviland Hollow Polo Club | Patterson, NY


Meatpacking's Weekend Celebration | Open Market New Original

In support of our friends spearheading the Meatpacking District’s new look and identity, we are spreading the word to promote their Open Market New Original neighborhood wide event, October 2-4th. This weekend-long celebration shines a spotlight on the dynamic neighborhood and its businesses, a collection of the best of bred from the worlds of art, fashion, design and technology.

Check out their website for more information on the many free events, exclusive tours, public art viewing, in-store activities, and shopping discounts that are available. See you there!


Anthony Larrisey
Principal & Creative Director | Industria Creative
Tell us about your company's origins?
After working at global marketing agencies Ogilvy & Mather and FCB, I was inspired to launch my own boutique shop, and so five years ago, Industria Creative was born!  We’re an award-winning, full-service experiential marketing agency with amazing teams in New York and Los Angeles.
How has the events industry evolved since you began?
Digital media integration has given our work a much greater voice. This means limitless amplification and results that are more quantifiable than ever. Design and production value have also increased as consumer, and ultimately brand, expectations have evolved. 
How is your company differentiated from others?
Other agencies solely practice design or production or analytics.  At Industria Creative, we offer a unified approach.  Our team is a diverse group of strategists, designers and producers – so our end product not only looks good, it works well.
What are the three most important things every event must have?
  1. A GREAT STORY.  We bring brands to life, and it all begins with having something to say!  A strong narrative is a must.
  2. RELEVANCE.  During that journey, we design what people think, feel and do – so our story must resonate.
  3. RESULTS.  And at the end of the day, we’re responsible for delivering on our Clients’ business objectives.
What motivates your work life daily?
The unknown!  We never do the same thing twice, which encourages big ideas, and keeps us sharp.  Whether we’re producing an event, designing a retail display or running an ideation session, we get to approach each day with innovation and original thinking.
What’s next for Industria Creative?
We’re about to officially launch our Diversity Marketing division, which is incredibly exciting for us, and something we’re extremely proud of.  Our team is looking forward to sharing more on the experiential campaigns that we develop for the African- American, Asian- American, Hispanic and LGBT communities.
What is your passion outside of the office? 
A friend and I just launched Ortaggi, the first organic, Kosher, vegan, and dairy-free vegetable sorbet.  Think of your favorite juice blend, then imagine it as a creamy, frozen health snack – that’s Ortaggi!  Check us out at


The Kagency was founded in 2004 by Karrie Goldberg and began as a venue marketing and booking agency for every event type imaginable. The agency that launched as a trusted resource for event producers and location scouts, quickly grew to include project management, talent representation and event-related media buying.

With access to over 300+ traditional and non-traditional event spaces across the U.S. and an ever-expanding roster of DJs, musicians, and artists,The Kagency is a seamless resource and a not-so-secret weapon for the event industry.


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