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Automation IT - eNews June 2016
Viva Energy chooses Automation IT to provide Bulk Lubricants Import facility
Viva Energy is developing a Bulk Lubricants Import facility to replace the existing SALP (Shell Australia Lubricants Production) operated Lube Oil Blending and Grease Manufacturing Plants in Pinkenba, QLD.  The project was undertaken to provide bunded lube oil storage tanks (vertical and horizontal), associated pumps, pipework and equipment necessary to provide a fully functional facility. 
Automation IT was contracted to provide the control system including a 5 meter long multi-tier control panel, PLC & SCADA engineering, documentation, testing and commissioning. In addition to the normal PLC functionality, the project had to consider hazardous area issues and functional safety requirements for the site.
Jupiters Casino Gold Coast gets an upgrade 
Automation IT has just been awarded a contract by Nilsen Electric to provide a Network Control System (NCS) and Energy Management System (EMS) for the upgrade of the power systems at the famous Jupiters Casino, on the Gold Coast.  Automation IT will deliver a PowerSCADA Expert (PSE) solution to integrate the Generation system, NCS and EMS functionality of the site resulting in an efficient, integrated solution for the building managers.
PowerSCADA Expert software is the fast data-acquisition monitoring and control software for improving the power availability of electrical distribution networks. The software provides operators exceptional knowledge and control of their network through an intuitive, interactive and customizable interface.  
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With fast, consistent access to actionable information, PowerSCADA Expert operators are more effective at protecting and optimizing their electrical distribution network, improving the facilities efficiency, productivity and reliability.
Product news
Schneider releases the M580 Hot Standby ePAC
Schneider has announced its new high-end Modicon M580 Ethernet programmable automation controller (ePAC). The newest addition to the Modicon family of controllers features hot standby functionality (HSBY), native Ethernet and embedded cybersecurity in its core. The first PAC built for the Industrial Internet of Things, the M580 ePAC is the preferred PAC of PlantStruxure, Schneider Electric’s integrated automation architecture.  
Schneider Electric’s M580 family of ePACs provides the market with enhancements and greater capabilities, such as reinforced cybersecurity through the Achilles™ Level 2 and ISA Certifications; simple and native time stamping solutions; extension of architecture change during the run; and new topology capabilities.
With the new Modicon M580 ePAC, Schneider Electric provides customers with an affordable high-availability solution for mid-range to high-end process applications, providing hot standby CPUs and redundant power supplies. In addition to the redundancy features, the Modicon M580 ePAC maximizes uptime with the capability for online configuration changes without stopping the process. In addition, CANopen fieldbus is now natively integrated through a new embedded CANopen module.
Automation IT is currently installing a system using the new M580 hot standby functionality at the new Perth Stadium railway station for the Pert Transit Authority.
RPEQ Update - Landmark case
Is your contractor meeting the legal requirements for providing engineering services in Queensland?
A recent case heard in the Supreme Court of Queensland found that an engineering & electrical company who provided professional engineering services through an unregistered person not under the direct supervision of an RPEQ was not able to recover money for the work they performed.  This work comprised a number of items, some of which were PLC and HMI programing and switchboard design modifications amongst others.  
Currently it is a requirement for anybody who provides an engineering service in QLD or external to QLD but doing work in QLD to be either an RPEQ themselves or be directly supervised by an RPEQ.  There are a number of companies around who simply ignore this requirement and attempt to undertake works at a perceived 'lower cost', the risks for this are large fines and potentially criminal charges, not to mention the potential of a hazardous and unsafe plant that may not operate as intended. 
In the above example, the Court found it was clear that these aspects could not be related directly to a prescriptive standard and may have required advanced scientifically based calculations. The Court declared that part of the contractors contract with the client was illegal and the contractor was unable to recover any money for its services. 
This decision makes it clear that only qualified engineers operating under the direct supervision of an RPEQ should be programming industrial control equipment such as PLC’s, RTU’s, HMI and SCADA. Automation IT employs multiple RPEQ’s to ensure our customers can sleep easy at night knowing their plant is in good hands.

For further information visit http://www.bpeq.qld.gov.au/
Engineering Challenge
Perth Crown Generator Module
Engineers love a good challenge and sometimes the simple things can be more difficult than they seem.  In this light the simple appearing problem to the right might be a little more difficult than it looks…
How many individual triangles can be made out of the above image? Click here for the answer.
Jock asked the bus conductor how much it would cost to travel into town. "80 pence" said the conductor. Jock thought this was a bit steep so he decided to run after the bus for a few stops. "How much now?" he asked. "Still 80 pence". Jock ran after the bus for another three stops and, panting, he asked "How much now?" The conductor replied "90 pence. You're running in the wrong direction!"
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