Your action is needed to help defeat the desperate Republican recall attempt to install any one of several Trump-supporting anti-environment candidates into the governor's chair!  Get involved by attending a special meeting of the San Diego County Democratic Party this Tuesday, and read on for our case against the recall.

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Greetings Environmental Democrats,

If you've seen the recent polls of likely California voters, you know the Republicans are licking their chops at the opportunity to use our flawed recall process to replace our duly elected governor Gavin Newsom with any recall candidate that gets a plurality of the vote on the second ballot question -- none of which could ever win in a general election, as Californians have consistently rejected the ever-more reactionary politics of today's cultish Republican Party. They are counting on voter apathy among Democrats and independent voters who lean toward Democratic candidates, and they might just succeed if we don't all pitch in with some voter outreach and education about how this ballot works -- and what's at stake.

Please join a special online meeting of the San Diego County Democratic Party's Central Committee this Tuesday evening. San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action have joined as co-host with the party and we'll be making the environmental case against this recall. All are welcome at this call to arms, as we organize to fight back and turn out the vote in support of Governor Newsom.

Tuesday, August 10 - 6:30 PM
SDCDP Recall Strategy Meeting

From the San Diego County Democratic Party:
Defeating the recall is our HIGHEST PRIORITY. It is directly tied to our duty as Central Committee members, so we are going to have to step up to facilitate this battle for the future of our state.
This special meeting is basically a wartime summit to discuss, organize, and implement our Recall Effort and the agenda is here:
*Credentialing at 6:30pm
*Call to Order at 7:00 pm - There will be no public comment or announcements.
*Recall Update
*Approve Budget Revise
*Central Committee Member and Party *Leader Commitments to the Recall Effort
*Call Schedules
*Text Schedules
*Canvass Schedules
*Other Contributions
*Other Recall Related Items As Needed
This meeting is critical to our mission as a Democratic Party and thus this is an all-hands event

Visit the Facebook event page to RSVP and share with other Democratic activist friends, and for the Zoom link:

Environmental Case Against The Recall
We've done the research - While we could find several instances where Gov. Newsom passed up an opportunity to take stronger environmental actions, there is no question that he has been an ally. All of the top environmental groups oppose this recall -- as does our Democratic Party-affiliated club.

Every single one of the top Republican contenders in the recall race would be a disaster for our state - any one of them would use executive orders to impose unpopular policies reversing initiatives for social justice, attacking and firing public school teachers, permitting the gun manufacturers to proliferate military-grade arms across our state, and doing real harm to workers struggling to make enough to afford the costs of housing and utilities. If they seize power through this undemocratic recall, we can expect a "drill-baby-drill" invitation to the fossil fuel companies. Offshore oil drilling permits will be issued. Fracking activity will increase. We will not see the moves called for by Governor Newsom to end oil extraction and get to zero emissions in our energy sector and automobiles. Urban pollution will cause more public health problems in our cities. Permits will be issued to logging interest to go in and clear-cut our forests in the name of protecting us from wildfires. A Republican governor would suspend or entirely get rid of our environmental review processes, allowing development of any type to take place anywhere, regardless of impacts to sensitive ecosystems, wildlife, or human communities.

This is what they've said they would do when speaking to Republican donors and voters--we have no reason to think it would not be as bad as they are promising. In a fair election, a politician threatening these types of policies would be roundly rejected by the California electorate. That is why, as they did in 2003, the Republicans have resorted to the recall--they know it's the only way they can grab the governor's office. They've expensed this effort to California taxpayers to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, and they are just getting started. Together, let's defeat this recall and then go about reforming our recall process so it won't be abused like this again. 

Please share our club's flyer making the environmental case against the recall.

In Solidarity,
Richard Ram
(Interim) President

Mia Taylor
Communications Director


Board Members
Richard Ram, interim president, vice president for programs and outreach
Kevin Lourens, vice president for political action
Bridger Langfur, vice president for policy
Courtney Ransom, membership director
Galena Robertson, treasurer
Mia Taylor, director of communications
Rick Guerrero, board member at-large
Kathryn Burton, board member at-large
David Engel, board member at-large
Brandon Coopersmith, board member at-large
Czeska Cabuhat, board member at-large
Vianna Ledesma, board member at-large
Cody Petterson, immediate past president
Chartered in 2014, San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action seeks to foster active interest in the Democratic Party, encourage greater support of the California Democratic Party environmental platform, contribute to party leadership and responsibility, provide a constructive role for volunteers in Democratic politics, promote an activist base, and assist and enable Democratic candidates to run, and win, on environmental and conservation principles.
Copyright © 2021 San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action, all rights reserved.

Mailing address: P.O. Box 16254, San Diego, CA 92176

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