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Dear <<First Name>>,

The Holidays bring a sense of reflection on the events of the past twelve months, as well as a spark of hope for the coming year. While we at HRI are proud of our progress over the course of 2016, our work is not complete.

Nearly 11,000 children die every day from malnutrition and preventable diseases. During this time of joy and celebration this fact leaves us with a heavy heart.  None of those children should miss the opportunity to build memories and create traditions to carry forward as they grow, just as all of us do. This is why our work continues and the need for our programs has not diminished in importance.

This past year, HRI has helped communities grow sustainable gardens and build safe, energy-efficient stoves, allowing parents to prepare nutritious meals in the home.  We have also provided filtration and water storage systems to bring access to clean water in places where it was difficult, if not impossible, in the past.  This, combined with the construction of latrines and flushable toilets, helps to curb the spread of disease that affects so many children.

Yet 2016 did not come without it’s additional challenges. For Haiti, this came in the form of Hurricane Matthew, which left devastation in its wake.  While HRI was able to help provide necessary supplies quickly and efficiently, this remains an ongoing fight that we cannot afford to lose.

We are extremely proud of our staff for their efforts and hard work in the face of these difficult challenges.

I would be remiss if I did not say that the “unsung” heroes of this story are you – our donors! Your generosity makes everything we do possible.

This is why HRI is asking for your help to continue our work by making a donation at this time.  Every dollar counts towards making memories for children in need.  Help us make sure that next year, and every year thereafter, more children are able to live without hunger and fear, but rather with hope and excitement.

Thank you in advance for your donation. We look forward to everything we can achieve together in the coming year.


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