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Take 5 with thrive

An occasional, informal newsletter where we stay in touch and share some interesting things.
September 2015

Hello again!

You probably know how this works by now, but in case you’re one of our numerous new readers, Take 5 with thrive shares interesting, useful information, grouped into 5 sections, which you can scan in about 5 minutes (although most people come back several times to soak it all in!).



p.s. Don't forget to share the bits that will make your contacts and colleagues happy!

Damian Killen,
Managing Director,
thrive Consulting.
Something New We're Developing

thrive in conjunction with ICEP Europe (The Institute of Child Education and Psychology Europe) and Trinity Childcare Consultancy have teamed up together to develop an exciting proposal on "Building Resilience and Well Being through Therapeutic Recreation".

It's a ground breaking training programme for volunteers, staff and organisations working with children with additional needs; particularly those affected by serious illness, wars and natural disasters.

If you or your organisation are interested in supporting this initiative as part of your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibly) activities, please contact either or
Influencing Update
We're working hard to crack the code for more effective Influencing

As you read this, I’m in San Francisco to present the findings from our global research, along with our partners CPP Inc, into the links between influencing and MBTI® personality types. We’ll be in touch with more details soon, but in the meantime, here’s a short article that will give you a sneak preview.
Web Picks
5 links that made us think (or feel, or laugh...)
  1. One for the physics fans: how can Newton’s laws help you to beat procrastination / laziness? (Thanks Andrea di Tonto for sharing this one with us).
  2. At thrive, we love TED talks. How many have you seen from this list of "15 TED Talks that will change your life"?  
  3. Here’s a long-form article from HBR that’s a must-read for all CEOs and HR Directors.
  4. Should you be attending your kids’ sports games? Controversial, but certainly thought-provoking.
  5. And, just for fun: If your performance reviews are coming up soon, you might want to hide the staplers!
MBTI® Update
Interesting happenings in the world of the MBTI®

Sometimes it’s easier and quicker to watch than to read. So, here’s a video blog I did for CPP Inc about Type® and Innovation.
Damian's Vlog on Innovation
What We're Up To
Just some of the projects we're excited about
  • Delivered several sessions on the topics of MBTI® and psychometrics with an MBA group of 100 people.
  • We’ve had quite an increase in coaching activity relating to interviews, career transitions & promotions. If you need support with this, drop us a line.
  • Bespoke team development solution for a large IT team.
  • Launch of a new performance management process for a large manufacturing client.
  • We’re still busy delivering keynotes and presentations. Have you checked out our speaking page yet?
  • And I’m sure you’ve clicked to read about our new e-learning that will “Make Your Meetings Matter More”
    Download your fun (and free!) set of Meeting Monsters cards here.

What can we help YOU with?  Drop us a line to talk about it!
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