Edition Seven 2016
30 September 2016
From the Principal

Welcome to this edition of the School’s newsletter.
Parents who attended our Parenting Workshop in Term Two expressed a desire to hear a speaker on the topic of online pornography and harmful messages in society, and how these contribute to a distorted view of relationships and sexuality amongst our teens. I am delighted to advise that we have secured a renowned speaker on this topic, Melinda Tankard-Reist, to be the guest speaker at our Term 4 Parenting Workshop to be held at the School on 13 October at 7pm. Melinda is an author, speaker, media commentator and blogger. She is best known for her work addressing sexualisation, objectification, harms of pornography, sexual exploitation, trafficking and violence against women. Melinda is author/editor of five books. She is also a regular on morning television and has appeared on ABC’s Q&A, The Gruen Sessions as well as many other TV and radio programs. Melinda is co-founder of the grassroots campaigning movement, Collective Shout, an ambassador for World Vision Australia, Compassion Australia, HagarNZ and the Raise Foundation. She is named in the Who’s Who of Australian Women and the World Who’s Who of Women.
Melinda will be speaking to parents on the topic, “Too much too soon” covering how the proliferation of harmful messages contributes to a distorted view of bodies, relationships and sexuality in young people, hampering their healthy development. This workshop is free for parents of St George’s students. There will be an entrance fee of $5 for visitors to the School. Please reply to  if you will be attending.
The Anglican School Commission celebrated Anglican Schools Week during Week 9 of Term Three. It was indeed a wonderful celebration of our schools and our students. Those of you who work in the city may have seen the ASC school banners displayed on St George’s Terrace. The highlights of the week included a combined ASC concert at the Perth Concert Hall and a combined schools Eucharist at St George’s Cathedral. A number of our students participated in both events and represented the School with distinction.
We wish all of our Year 12 students everything of the best for their WACE and WAUFP trial examinations which will be held during next week. I trust they are all feeling ready for the exams and have done some serious preparation during the first week of the holidays.
Parents are reminded about our annual Art exhibition which will be held in the Central Park foyer from 19 – 28 October. I encourage all families to visit the exhibition and enjoy the wonderful display of our students’ artistic talents.
Parent/teacher interviews are scheduled for Tuesday 25 October. Teachers will request an interview with you if they have any concerns about your child’s progress. Requests for meetings will be sent out during Week 1 of Term 4. If parents would like an interview with a teacher and do not receive a meeting request, please contact the relevant teacher directly.
Please make note of the following important calendar dates for Term 4:
11 October
Students commence Term 4

19 – 21 October
Art Exhibition

20 October

25 October
Parent/Teacher interviews (by invitation only)

17 November
‘On the Roof’ Music Concert

5 December
Presentation Evening (Year 7-11)

I wish all families a restful final week of the holidays as we prepare for the many events and activities during Term Four.

Rensché Diggeden

If you would like to attend this Parenting Evening
please RSVP to
Coding and Robotics Club

In just two and a half terms the Coding and Robotics Club has grown into a regular group of 14 members. The engagement and motivation of the students is second to none.

The Club is a student led group where students decide what they want to do in the field of technology and their ideas and projects are facilitated by their teacher, Mr Freer, and by expert Mechatronic Engineer, Michael Holmes. Students also have access to a number of sites online where they can access ideas, code and use internationally recognised support networks.
In the early stages of the Club, students have learnt some coding and some have taken this to a more advanced level. In recent weeks there has been a greater emphasis on Robotics as students have been building their Lego Robots. This has been so much fun and to drive the robots students have connected their apps via use of their mobile phone or computer. The next stage is to further develop and build apps through coding techniques that can provide robotic instructions to the robots.
Student look forward entering our Robots in Competitions against other schools next year.
New members are continually welcomed as the Club grows in the School. It is recognised that students need the coding and robotic skills as this is the way of the future in our workforce.

Peter Freer
Coding and Robotics Club Co-Ordinator
Book Week

This term the library celebrated the 70th Anniversary of the Book of the Year Awards, otherwise known as Book Week. The theme for book week this year was Australia - Story Country.

Australia is a story country. Our stories come from all over: from our indigenous people, migrants and refugees, to the stories written by our many fabulous authors. St George’s celebrated Book Week through a daily quiz, a find Wally competition, finding and reading “My Dead Bunny” and finding Shakespearean insults. There was also a guess the book in the jar competition and a display of books written by Australian authors in the library.

The highlight of Book Week was the author talk at the Perth City Library. Selected students listened to author and illustrator James Foley talk about the process he goes through when writing and illustrating a book. James is a Western Australian and is best known for his illustrations of Normen Jorgensen’s book, “The Last Viking” and Sigi Cohen’s book “My Dead Bunny” which was short listed for the 2016 Picture Book of the Year. James’ talk was both entertaining and informative and the students were fortunate to have the opportunity to listen to James.

Angela Tanham

Australian Maths Competition
Congratulations to the students who participated in the Australian Maths Competition. St George's students have achieved some outstanding results. Overall, students received 1 Prize, 3 High Distinctions, 14 Distinctions and 27 Credits!
Particular congratulations go to Yunyu Pan who achieved a Prize with her outstanding score. We also congratulate Fang Shen, Huijing Lu and Xiaojia Li for their High Distinctions; and the following students who achieved Distinctions:

Mia Grubelich, Huixue Li, Pinxu Pan, Alice Caimmi, Ziwei Zheng, Maximillian Wadkins, Siyuang Wang, Chuxin Chen, Rundong Liu, Heng Zhang, Luke Thomas, Wenjia Chen, Zixin Guo and Zhinhao Liaing.
We are grateful to the staff of the Mathematics Department for coordinating the competition with our students.
Religious Education
During Term 3 each of our students have been studying a comparative religion during their Religious Education classes:
  • The Year 7 students have been studying Judaism and concluded by sharing a Seder Meal together.
  • The Year 8 students have been studying Hinduism and visited the Perth Hindu Temple in Canningvale.
  • The Year 9 class has been studying Islam and visited the Perth Mosque in Highgate. (pictured above)
  • The Year 10 students have been studying Buddhism and visited the Buddhist Temple in Maylands. (pictured below)

 All of these experiences give our students an opportunity to better understand the religions of the world in which we live.

Father David Lord
Sport at St George's
The School community came together on a magnificent first day of spring to compete and participate in the Inter-House Athletics Carnival. Many thanks to our group of parent helpers, staff, Guild and students in making the day a huge success.
I received many comments about the positive atmosphere of our carnival. The officials at the electronic timing gate commented on the spirit of our students who sing and dance and express so much enjoyment. It is a unique and valuable quality of our school that the students participate with so much enthusiasm and jubilance! I also received some wonderful feedback from one of the parent helpers and mother of two of students here at the School, who wrote the following:
“I had the pleasure of helping out yesterday at the sports day and it was such a fantastic day.  I have been to a lot of sports days and yesterday was a standout - really joyous, great spirit and happy kids who were all enjoying participating and encouraging each other - just a great environment.”

Our students can all take credit for their ability to work together, to have fun and to encourage each other, fully immersing themselves in the event. Making the most of every opportunity is a valuable asset!
The carnival is designed to encourage maximum participation, but also to enable those students with a gift in athletic performance to excel and challenge themselves. We saw some incredible tenacity and athletic prowess. Congratulations to the following individual medallists on their achievements at the carnival:
Junior Girl  (TIE) Eliza Griffin (G) Chantelle Antonelli (G) and
Alice Conroy (M)
Junior Boy Benedict Bolum (M) Bernard Bolum (M)
Intermediate Girl Olivia Patterson (L) Celine Gen (L)
Intermediate Boy Alexander Baxter (L) Milain Ranasinghe (G)
Senior Girl Emily Lennon (G) Isabel Moss (G)
Senior Boy Alexander Maude (G) Blair Becker (L)
Ghandi have continued their Athletic winning streak winning the shield for a second year in a row. All Gandhi students are commended on their excellent participation and success on the day. The overall results were:
First Place Gandhi 1353
Second Place Mandela 1184
Third Place Lincoln 992

This term we participated in the Junior SSWA Basketball Champion School Carnival held at Warwick Leisure Centre on the 23rd of August. I would like to congratulate all the students involved, not only on their exceptional representation at the carnival, but also their commitment to the training sessions which took place every Wednesday at Lords Recreation Centre. It is important that we create a culture where training is an essential component of team cohesion and preparing the students for up and coming events. Regular attendance is essential for this to occur.

The Girls team demonstrated support for each other with the players on the beach fully engaged in the game and encouraging the team, ready to go onto the court at any time. The Boys team demonstrated some promising skills, even though there were a few too many players on the day. This meant that game time was limited, but enabled all players to attend the carnival.
Back Row:  Halla Harding, Gabby Navarrete, Isabella Cotter, Megan Tan
Front Row: Ella Baxter, Ruby Walsh, Jessica Klimek, Ella George, Olivia Lennon
Back Row: Oliver Glasson, Shakeel Emeran, Elijah Sparrow, Max Saseski, Matthew Zeitsch, Benedict Bolum, Bernard Bolum.
Front Row:  Max Edwards, Ahmad AlKhatib, Caleb Rogers, Luca Bongiovanni, Marvel Sukidas
Our Badminton students are a keen and talented group who have been participating in the badminton Co-Curricular all year. Thanks to the support and guidance of Mr Ernesto Ramirez the tam have been most successful as highlighted in Mr Ramirez’s report included below.

We held an intra-school St George’s Olympics competition during the term where we partipated in a European Handball competiton. Students arranged their own teams and nominated a country (real or imaginary) to represent. We played games at Elizabeth Quay during Extended TAG where it was amusing to see the public stop and watch our games, sometimes even asking to participate! Our Senior Boys team, Wakanda, beat Malaysia in the final. Congratualtions to all the students who were involved and well done to our gold medalist. Thanks to all the staff who joined in and also supervised the event each week.

Lastly, we spent a week visiting a centre that is very close to our School. It is called Jan De Jong Martial Arts and we specialised in a programme called Ju Jitsu Self Defence. Paul Connoly has years of experience and we introduced this programme as we are offering it as a Co-Curricular in Term Four.

Have a safe and active holiday and see you next term!

Jodie Scheele
Sports Co-Ordinator
The Badminton Association of WA's September tournament saw a record 160 participants from at least 10 secondary schools. Our 20 shuttlers faced stiff competition from both novice and state players.

Congratulations to the following doubles pairs who sharpened their skills by mixing it with the best:
  • Bryan Sia and Rundong Wu
  • Frank Lin and Rick Wang
Congratulations to the following doubles pairs who notched their first wins in an Inter-school setting:
  • Holly Heather and Annie Lamb
  • Allana Ngo and Alice Gibson
  • Peiqian Wu and Celine Gen
  • Jordan Elms and Martin Wang 
Congratulations to the following shuttlers who made it through to the later rounds:
  • Daisy Chen and Winnie Zhang
  • Ethan Lymn and Shakeel Emeran
  • Boxi Li and Eaton Zhou
…and a big congratulations to Milain Ranasinghe and Previn Narenasagaran, who won their fourth consecutive champions trophy!

A huge thank you also to Ms Scheele who has supported the St George's AGS Badminton Team by securing for us venues for practice and by providing us with transport.
Ernesto Ramirez
Teacher Supervisor & Level 1 Coach
Service Work
This term the students in Years 7 to 10 have started regular service work, in respect of our motto of “Wisdom, Grace, Service”. The service being to serve others, especially “the least of these my brothers and sisters” (Matthew 25:40).
The Year 7 students have been taking it in turns to work in groups of three, accompanied with a staff member, to collect food in the CBD on behalf of Food Rescue from Uniting Care West. On Wednesday afternoon, between 2.15pm and 4pm the group push a trolley around a predetermined route in the CBD to restaurants and cafes, collecting left over food. This food is then distributed to the homeless and needy in our community.
The Year 8 group have been working on a Tuesday morning, setting off early, at 7am, to help with sorting food at the warehouse of Food Rescue. Food Rescue collect left over food from the supermarkets around Perth to take to their warehouse in Belmont. Up to 9 or 10 pallets of food are collected daily. This food is then sorted and distributed to organisations and charities working directly with the poor and homeless. The Year 8 students assist with sorting the food between 7.30am and 10.30am.
A rotating group from Year 9 have been going to Peter Arney Home of Amana Living in Salter Point on a Wednesday afternoon. They assist the Occupational Therapy Assistants in both the Dementia Section and the aged care section with diversional activities. The students help with playing games, painting, using technology to show ‘windows into the world’ or simply talking with the residents.
The Year 10 students have begun work at James Mitchell House of St. Bart’s Home in East Perth. A small group go on a Monday afternoon to assist the residents there. James Mitchell House is the aged care facility of St. Bart’s, a homeless shelter for men. Students spend time with the residents playing games, talking with them or making them a cup of tea.

Father David Lord
Word Mania

During this term, the Year 7 and 8 students participated in the Word Mania competition during their WORLD classes in the library. Word Mania is run by Literacy Planet and is designed to improve literacy skills. It is an online game where students have to race against the clock to build as many words as possible in three minutes using 15 letter tiles. They can play on their own or challenge their friends.

This year over 260 000 students from across Australia competed in the Word Mania competition. The year 8 students from St George’s Anglican Grammar School did particularly well and were placed in the top three for skill in our region.

Angela Tanham

Lip Sync and Theatre Challenge
In Week 7, Mandela hosted the second St George’s Lip Sync Battle at the Perth Town Hall for our annual Charity Day. The battle was fierce and students and staff were thoroughly entertained.

Once again, there were a variety of acts, with the likes of; The Spice Girls, Aqua, Queen, John Farnham and many more!.

Congratulations to Ivy, Minna, Jennifer, Julia and YunYu, who performed as a group and took first place in the student performance category. Special thanks to Father David for his amazing performance, which saw him convincingly take the title of staff winner for this year. 

With the support of the School, we raised $1,000 for Street Connect, who continue to provide vital assistance to the homeless youth of Perth.
Katie Fassom
Head of Mandela House

The annual House Theatre Challenge event was held on Friday 2 September. Community members supported staff and students as they completed against each other across a range of improvisational comedy games. This hilarious event was, once again, a great success! Angela Lillyman, Year 10 student, wrote the following report:

On Friday 2 September, students, teachers, family and friends all gathered into the Perth Town hall, eagerly awaiting the second annual St George’s Theatre Challenge and Glee Extravaganza. Representatives from all houses competed head to head throughout the night in various improvisation games, and then danced their hearts out in the Glee. Many hours of hard work and rehearsals had finally payed off, when the audience was filled with cheers and laughs, full of enthusiasm from the judges, made up of Murdoch and St. George’s alumni. To top off the night, Gandhi house took out the win in Theatre Challenge and triumphantly stormed on stage with their trophy, closely followed on stage by Mandela house, taking the win in Glee. A huge congratulations to Lincoln house, for coming second in both events. Overall, it was a night to be remembered, and a big thank you is extended to all participants, and everyone who attended!
From the Business Manager
The Term 4 Fee statements will be emailed to parents on 21 September 2016, with accounts due for payment by 10 October 2016.
Families who have not paid or made payment arrangements by the due date, should be aware that a late penalty of $100.00 (GST included) may be imposed.
The School currently offers the following payment options:
  • BPAY
  • Credit Card*
  • Direct Debit
  • Cash & Cheque
 *Please note payments by credit cards attract a 1% surcharge.
To assist families to budget for their school fee payments we also offer monthly or bi-monthly Direct Debt payment plans. A Direct Debt form can be downloaded from the School website, alternatively if you require further information please contact the Schools Finance Office. 

Ian Short
Business Manager
Chaplain's Chat
I rediscovered this story recently and thought “What a wonderful read!” It shows how we should not judge a book by its cover and how often we are quick to judge others. During our experience with the various Year levels who are undertaking service work, I try and encourage our students to consider the story behind every person they see or come in contact with.
Unfortunately, I am not aware of the author of this story.
Father David Lord
 My alarm went off, it was Sunday again. I was sleepy and tired, my one day to sleep in, but the guilt I would feel the rest of the day would have been too much, so I'd go and I'd pray. I showered and shaved, I adjusted my tie, I got there and sat in a pew just in time. Bowing my head in prayer as I closed my eyes, I saw the shoe of the man next to me touching my own. I sighed. With plenty of room on either side, I thought, "Why must our soles touch?" It bothered me, his shoe touching mine, but it didn't bother him much. A prayer began: "Our Father", I thought, "this man with the shoes has no pride, they're dusty, worn, and scratched even worse, there are holes on the side!" "Thank You for blessings," the prayer went on. The shoe man said a quiet "Amen." I tried to focus on the prayer, but my thoughts were on his shoes again. Aren't we supposed to look our best when walking through that door? "Well, this certainly isn't it," I thought, glancing toward the floor. Then the prayer was ended, and the songs of praise began. The shoe man was certainly loud, sounding proud as he sang, his voice lifted the rafters, his hands were raised high, the Lord could surely hear the shoe man's voice from the sky. It was time for the offering and what I threw in was steep. I watched as the shoe man reached into his pockets so deep, I saw what was pulled out, what the shoe man put in, then I heard a soft “clink" as when silver hits tin. The sermon really bored me to tears, and that's no lie. It was the same for the shoe man, for tears fell from his eyes. At the end of the service, as is the custom here, we must greet new visitors and show them all good cheer. I felt moved somehow and wanted to meet shoe man so after the closing prayer, I reached over and shook his hand. He was old and his skin was dark, and his hair was truly a mess but I thanked him for coming, for being our guest. He said, "My name's Charlie, I'm glad to meet you, my friend." There were tears in his eyes but he had a large, wide grin. "Let me explain," he said wiping tears from his eyes, "I've been coming here for months, and you're the first to say hi. I know that my appearance is not like all the rest, but I really do try to always look my best. I always clean and polish my shoes before my very long walk, but by the time I get here they're dirty and dusty, like chalk." My heart filled with pain and I swallowed to hide my tears as he continued to apologize for daring to sit so near. He said, "When I get here, I know I must look a sight, but I thought if I could touch you, then maybe our souls might unite." I was silent for a moment; knowing whatever was said would pale in comparison. I spoke from my heart, not my head. "Oh, you've touched me," I said, "and taught me, in part, that the best of any person is what is found in his heart." 
The rest, I thought, this shoe man will never know. . .
Like just how thankful I really am that his dirty old shoe touched my soul... 
Summer Uniform 
A reminder that Term 4 is a summer term and, as such, summer uniform is required from the first day of term. The summer dress is compulsory for girls from Term 4 onwards, unless they are currently in Year 11 or 12. As the dress is a new item, girls who are in Year 12 2017 may choose to wear the skirt for their last year, rather than purchase a dress for two terms only. Please note that this option is for Year 12 2017 only, not for future years.

St George's official hair accessories have arrived and are now available for purchase.

The annual price increase will be effective from 1 January 2017. Take advantage of the old prices by visiting the uniform shop before then!

September/October School holiday opening hours and from 8.00 am to 1.30 pm and 1.30 pm to 4.00 pm on the following days:
  • Thursday 6 October
  • Friday 7 October
  • Monday 10 October

During term the Uniform Shop is open every Tuesday and Thursday 8.00am to 1.30pm and 2.30pm to 4.00pm. 

The Uniform Shop is located at Level One, 56 William Street.
The Principal was delighted to receive a $1000 sponsorship on behalf of the School from People's Choice Credit Union. The funds will be put to good use towards resources for the School. The cheque was handed over by Mr Eugene O'Sullivan on behalf of People's Choice.
Looking After Our Mental Health

Thursday 8th September was R U OK? Day – a day dedicated to inspiring and empowering everyone to meaningfully connect with people around them by asking the simple question: “Are you OK?”.

We are also coming up to Mental Health Week which is held from the 8th to the 15th of October.  Mental Health Week raises community awareness about mental health issues and is held on every October each year to coincide with World Mental Health Day on 10 October. The 2016 theme is Act-Belong-Commit with a focus on suicide prevention, ‘Together we can save lives’.

Almost every Australian has been touched by mental illness; either due to personal experience or because they have a family member, friend or colleague who has been affected. Now could be a great time to ask your child “Are you OK? and to support them if they are struggling.

However, as we all know, having a meaningful conversation with teenagers can be tricky. That’s why ReachOut Australia has created resources to help assist parents help their children. To find out how you can effectively communicate with your child, and some practical ways engage your teenager in a meaningful conversation, click on the helpful links below:

Fact sheets for Parents and Carers  
Further information about mental health and wellbeing is available at:  
St George's College Spring Fair 2016
Sunday 30th October, 11.00am - 4.00pm

Come and join us for a community-wide family day which showcases the College, as well as Georgian foodie products such as wines, smallgoods and olive oils.  There’ll be a “Castle within the Castle” with a bouncy castle for the kids, face painting and more.
Highlights include:
  • Wine tasting from wineries with connections with the College
  • Musical items, showcasing College barbershop, ladies ensemble and jazz band
  • Photography competition display
  • Fun activities for children
  • Tours of the College, Gardens and Tower
  • Food and beverages available for purchase
Entry is FREE!
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