NEWSLETTER | January 18, 2016

Celebrating 2015 and Embracing the New Year

As we move into our 8th year of working with Native cultures and communities, I’m inspired by the words expressed through the vibrant literature, poems, and songs of indigenous artists.  Multitudes have watched or participated in the creative force of bodies turning, leaping, swerving, jumping, stomping, crawling, swaying, and vibrating with the movement of dance.  Communities across the nation stop in wonder and feel gratitude when they see the pottery, carvings, weavings and paintings depicting the evolution of Native practice.  We enter exhibits in museums, on the land, and in the streets as willing co-creators stimulated by a flurry of emotional, sensory experience prodding us to think and learn together, to experiment, be bold - yet respectful. 
The Native Arts and Cultures Foundation has worked to help lift up Native artists and reveal the value of our diverse cultures.  This has included support for those exploring daring new terrain in their work to valiant cultural practitioners who are carrying forth practices that risk being lost without their “protection”.  We have supported all of these efforts that speak to truth and justice about Native life.  Together with others, we are committed to continuing our work as a catalyst for Native creative and cultural potential. Thank you to all of our supporters, organizations and individuals who have helped us over the years.
As we advance our journey fostering the passion and power of creative expression, and living our cultures, we remember the wisdom of the kupuna (elders) and many great thinkers from time immemorial.  They say:

Love with all your heart;
Think beyond the edges of possibility and remain hopeful; 
See with new eyes all that is around you; 
Listen with great appreciation and talk less;
Be compassionate and help others; 
Take responsibility to do the right thing at the right time;
Stand up for what you believe in;
Persevere and let the creative spirit move through you;
This is what we’re meant to do as human beings in an infinite universe. From this comes renewal, change, and yes, even revolution.

Lulani Arquette
President & CEO

2015 Highlights

NACF is proud to have provided awards to a vast pool of talented US American Indian, Native Hawaiian, and Alaska Native artists and culture bearers in varied disciplines in 2015, while forging relationships with new organizations and strengthening partnerships that are impacting communities. NACF was able to provide more awards in 2015 than in any previous year of its existence, both in total dollar amount and number of awards. Thirty-two individual artist Fellowships were awarded in the Upper Midwest, Hawai’i Islands and Nationally along with four special youth projects in California, four Community Inspiration Projects and three Sponsorships for a total of over $716,000 to 43 awardees. (Read full article)
2015 NACF National Artist Fellow, Martha Redbone performing. Courtesy of the artist.
The Native Arts and Cultures Foundation is proud to support Native artists and culture bearers across the nation to create powerful new works! Join us today by donating, and visit our website to learn more:

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