December 2014 Newsletter
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Message from the President

I want to take this opportunity to reach out to all members of the Toronto Knitting Guild. What brings us together is a love of knitting and a desire to celebrate our craft.

As a volunteer organization we stand or fall on the strength of our volunteers. In order for us to function and to thrive we need to work together in a spirit of cooperation, and, of course, to have fun doing what we do, knit. For us to succeed as a guild it is vital that we work together in a constructive manner and appreciate the contribution made by every member. We also want to celebrate the skills and creativity of our members. As we look to a new year, we ask for your patience. We are dealing with a fairly new Executive; no one on the Executive team has served for more than one year. We are very grateful for the many years of hard work of those that went before us.

I am very pleased to have Debra Rowland as part of the Executive. I expect her to shine in the role of Program Coordinator, and to oversee the “show and tell” part of the meeting with her contagious enthusiasm and drive.
At the December meeting we will celebrate together as part of the holiday season, but we will also discuss plans for the guild going forward and give everyone an opportunity to meet the Executive. We encourage everyone to email any questions that you want addressed at the meeting to by Monday December 15 at 6 pm.

Upcoming Meetings

December 17th
George Ignatieff Theatre
15 Devonshire Place
7:30 - 9:30 (Doors open at 6:45)

We have a fun, informative, and social night (munchies + treats for all) planned in our temporary venue. Please bring Show and Tell items including ANY Christmas gifts.  We will be presenting answers to questions received regarding the guild, and introducing the executive, newsletter committee members and webmaster.  Afterwards, we have booked the café for our social & refreshments.

Next Meeting: January 21
Note we return to our home at the Innis College Auditorium! 

Robin Hunter joins us to speak about knitting with hand-dyed yarns.
While the "business" side of the guild is not as much fun as the knitting part, our guild cannot function well and indeed could be destroyed if we don’t take care of the business of running it properly. As you know the lawsuit that was a constant concern has now been settled. We owe a debt of gratitude to former Executive members Carole Adams and Wendy Mauzeroll for the stress and hard work of being targeted during a legal proceeding that lasted more than two years. With the lawsuit behind us, we are now looking into the types of insurance that we need to protect ourselves in the future as well as establishing proper procedures for due diligence and efficiency to ensure that things run smoothly regardless of who the Executive or volunteers are.   
We will return to Innis Hall in January 2015 and look forward to a good program; interesting guest speakers and a fashion show in February.  We also expect a great Knitters Frolic in 2015 with Sivia Harding as the guest instructor. Together as a guild we can make the new year a celebration of our love of knitting and emerge as a stronger, more resilient guild that serves our members and inspires a new generation of knitters. 

Catherine Osborne, President, Toronto Knitters Guild
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