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Fall E-News 2016

Summer is coming to a close, which means IndepenDANCE's 8th Annual Show "Limitless" is right around the corner!  Saturday September 10th, 2pm & 7pm at The Ellen Theater. 

We find ourselves, troubleshooting innovative costume ideas that are competing with the ticking clock.  For some, this may include backordered leotards, what to do when the pointe shoe dye project fails, how to dance when your goggles are fogging up, and how does one make oneself a tapping coffee cup? 

Despite the pre-show panic (which may include something like...THE SHOW IS LESS THAN 2 WEEKS AWAY...AAAAHHHH!!), the excitement that comes with the anticipation of what we have to show is undeniable.

There are roughly 80 Tickets left for the evening show, and still plenty available for the matinee.  Don't wait to get your tickets! 

Buy Tickets Here
Check out the items for Sale at the Show

Limitless Show Tanks & Tees $15
Vintage Tanks & Tees $5
*New* Show Posters $3
2016 DVD (pre-order) $10*
*New* Assorted Roses Individually Wrapped $3 

(All participants will receive a free digital download of the performance)
"Live like you'll die tomorrow, work like you don't need the money, and dance like nobody's watching"    Bob Fosse

Summer Rehearsal Photos
Dancer Spotlight: Nina Dove
Left to Right: Skye Anderson, Nina Dove & Stephanie Peterson in "Three Sisters" Music & Choreography by Nina Dove.  Photography by Shayna Nicole
When did dance become part of your life?

I started dancing at age 11 after being inspired by the film Flashdance. I performed my very first improvised solo dance to "What a Feeling" during my grammar school's talent show. I wore a shirt that said Flashdancer, a purple leotard, and pink leg warmers.  The following year my mom enrolled me in dance school and I've been dancing ever since.
Who are/were your influences in the dance world? Who inspires you?

My favorite choreographers are Pina Bausch who founded Tanztheater Wuppertal, and Jiri Kylian who was artistic director of Nederlands Dans Theater. There is something so beautifully unsettling in Miss Bausch's works, especially Bluebeard and Rite of Spring. And Jiri Kylian has created so many masterpieces in which not a movement is out of place. My favorites would have to be his Black and White Ballets and L’enfant et les sortilèges.

What is your favorite style of dance to watch and why?

I love watching any style of dance that tells a story or has interesting characters and costumes. If the dancers are enjoying themselves and losing themselves in the moment then it's pure magic.

When did you join indepenDANCE and how did you find out about it?

I first joined in 2011. I think I must have seen a poster or heard about it from other dancers. I was terrified at the auditions!

What are you most excited about for this season of indepenDANCE?

I always love seeing what everyone's been working on all summer and watching it all come together during dress rehearsal. It's such a magical moment. I love that rush when we're all packing into the dressing rooms and everyone is excited and nervous and we feel like one big family.

What kind of music is on in your car while you're driving around?

I'm usually listening to my husband's music, Sergeant Sawtooth, and a mix of dark wave, industrial, gothic, and new wave.

In one sentence, describe what IndepenDANCE is to you.

IndepenDANCE is an amazing community that brings dancers together and allows choreographers to share their dreams.

What is your favorite dance movie and why?

I have to say Flashdance because it changed my life, but it's not one I frequently watch. The Red Shoes and Center Stage, however, I will watch over and over again. Same goes for The
Company and The Turning Point, if only to see snippets from some incredibly iconic dancers. Oh, and then there's Billy Elliot. It always makes me cry at the very end. Always!

How long have you been writing and recording your own music?

I started experimenting with music back in 2001, but it didn't actually become a passion until around 2009. That's when I created my Damsel in the Dollhouse persona and started releasing albums.

How do the choreographic visions and themes for your pieces begin? Do you have many ideas or just one?

Sometimes it's a visual idea and then the music follows to complement the vision, and other times it comes from the music. For my piece this year, the dance was inspired by the song which I had already written with a very specific theme. Each year I usually have 2-3 ideas, but then narrow it down to the one that feels the most achievable and interesting.

Most, if not all of us, are dancers with day jobs! What is your day job?

I work in publishing and help to produce textbooks and digital le
arning essentials for cosmetology students

What does it feel like to see your piece come to life on stage for the first time?

It's terrifying and exhilarating! After rehearsing several months with such incredible dancers, it's such a joy to finally see it all come together, but it's also bittersweet because that means
rehearsals are over until next season. 

If you were to describe your piece for IndepenDANCE: Limitless using four adjectives, what would they be?

Fierce Frenzied Apocalyptic Badass
Join us at the Bozeman Brewing Co. from 2pm-8pm on September 4th for Sunday FUNDay! 50 cents of every pint sold will support IndepenDANCE! Join us to learn more about our upcoming show and to meet the performers! 
Thank you to Wild Joe's Coffee House for letting us advertise our window! It's always a fun project. Please go by for a coffee and thank them for their support of IndepenDANCE.

Sweet Pea 2016

Thanks for coming out and showing your support, we had a great crowd!  A BIG THANK YOU to Sweet Pea for awarding us a grant towards our show "LIMITLESS."
We have a list of Bozeman area adult dance classes listed on our website!  
Please visit the link below for more information
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