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Access studio, workshops, one-to-one tuition and editioning, in a wonderful rural A-frame studio workshop.

October Newsletter 2017

Hello friends and colleagues - Welcome to the Agave Print Studio Newsletter 5.

Agave Print Studio in October is participating in the Daylesford Artober Open Studio event (see below). Letterpress printing will be demonstrated, using photopolymer letterpress plates and vintage borders and blocks. Open studio events give people the opportunity to see a working studio.
This year has been full of challenges and adventures. Teaching printmaking in Skopelos with Steph Bolt was a highlight, as was 10 days of travel in Japan (see below for photos).
My PhD is in the correction stage. Time out this year has slowed my progress but the end is nigh.
Workshops continue here at Agave Print Studio and in regional locations; Toowoomba in September, and Apollo Bay in December.

January Summer School 2018

Summer School: Photopolymer intaglio printmaking: A3 plates, CMYK four plate printing
During this 5 day workshop you will create a large photopolymer print using the four-plate technique. Drawings or photographs will be separated into cyan, magenta, yellow and black plates and printed in register to create wonderful graphic images. Before making the A3 plates we will test your technique on A5 plates. You will be shown how to do make plates which register when printed, and how to print plates in register.  CMYK image: Sue Butler, SA

Upcoming Workshops

5-Day Intensive Photopolymer Printmaking
Mon-Fri  October 23-27 10am-5pm
Discover the versatility of printmaking with photopolymer plates in an extended 5-day workshop. Explore the sculptural qualities of embossing, the fine line work of relief and intaglio printing, and then add subtle complexity with chine collé and multiple plate printing. No previous printmaking experience required.

Embossing Workshop
Wed Nov 1 10am-5pm
Discover the amazing detail in the embossed print using photopolymer plates, then print the plate with a transparent relief colour. Photopolymer plates are water-washout. A wonderful technique to print cards and can be used to add surface texture to prints. No previous printmaking experience required.

Letterpress Cards
Sat-Sun Nov 4-5  10am-5pm
Use vintage blocks and plates to create individual, hand-printed cards for the festive season, or unique cards for a special occasion. Or you can make your own designs using photopolymer plates and letterpress print them on vintage presses. No previous printmaking experience required.

Relief and Intaglio Photopolymer Printmaking
Sat-Sun Nov 11-12  10am-5pm
An introductory workshop. Explore the versatility of printmaking with photopolymer plates. Create a relief and embossing/relief plate on the first day and an intaglio plate on the second day. No previous printmaking experience required.

Intaglio Photopolymer Workshop
Wed Nov 15  10am-5pm
Use a graphite pencil to create a drawing on drafting film which is exposed onto a photopolymer plate, and print onto dampened paper to produce a beautiful intaglio print. No previous printmaking experience required.

Aluminium and Zinc – Copper Sulphate
Sun-Mon Nov 26-27  10am-5pm
Guest presenter Lyn Nicholls is a Riddles Creek printmaker who recently studied traditional printmaking techniques at Il Bisonte workshop in Florence, Italy. With previous experience in making plates using copper sulphate Lyn has a wide knowledge of metal plate techniques. No previous printmaking experience required.
One place remaining.

Drypoint With Monoprinting and Gold Leaf
Wed-Thu Nov 29-30  10am-5pm
Explore the traditional use of drypoint printmaking on acrylic plates combined with monoprinting and chine collé.


Calendar Events

Tracery and Shadows at Tacit Contemporary Art - October 4-15, 2017
312 Johnston Street Abbotsford 0423 323 188
A tracery of line-work interacts with photographic spaces creating images of conjecture, where the pictorial reality of a photograph is interwoven with imaginary and decorative elements.  These works combine drypoint engraving on polycarbonate with dye-sublimation photographs on aluminium.

Left: Along the way, 2017, dye sublimation print, drypoint engraving, border papers India and Kathmandu, 68 x 53cm
Right: For you, and me, dye sublimation print, drypoint engraving, border papers India and Kathmandu, 68 x 53cm

Left: Light and Darkness, 2017, intaglio print, drypoint engraving and photopolymer, relief colour, 21 x 30cm
Right: Chequered Future, 2017, drypoint engraving and chine collé, 21 x 30cm


ARTOBER EVENT: a celebration of the arts in Hepburn Shire

AGAVE PRINT STUDIO: Open Studio Friday-Saturday October 20-21, 2017

9 Bowen Street, Trentham, VIC. 10am-4pm.
See letterpress printing in action and view works by the artist.

Studio News

Summer School 2017

Summer School prints: left Olga Sankey, right Gary Shinfield

Summer School prints: left Phil Rogerson, centre Sam Slicer, right Gary Shinfield

Toowoomba Art Society Workshops

In September I taught two workshops at Toowoomba Art Society's studio/workshop adjacent to Queens Park. Great lunches and dinners, and fabulous works produced by the participants.

Toowoomba (TAS) Introductory Workshop embossings from Day 1: Claudia Burton, Ute Braatz, Sian Carlyon. Photos Jessica Harris

Toowoomba (TAS) Concertina Book Workshop where 8 x A7 images were printed from an A4 photopolymer plate, then cut and glued into a concertina book structure: Ute Braatz making book covers, plates and print by Cynthia McBride. Photos Jessica Harris

Toowoomba was celebrating the Carnival of Flowers. I managed to purchase lots of young agave plants which will survive the difficult frosts in Trentham, and there was a wonderful Ikebana display in the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery.

Skopelos Works on Paper Workshop

In June I flew to the remarkable island of Skopelos and worked with Steph Bolt teaching photopolymer printmaking and drypoint to students from the USA, Canada and Australia. It's an amazing location and Steph runs the workshops so that participants have time to explore and enjoy the island as well as having concentrated time in the studio. Starting at 8.30am with a group breakfast, work begins at 9am with demonstrations and reviews of techniques and works produced. An informal break for morning tea is the only distraction from teaching and learning until 2.30pm, when everyone breaks for a late lunch in the cafes and restaurants, or a swim, or visits to local galleries, museums and shops. The Greek food was totally delicious. Plates of foods were shared, which is the best way to taste and eat well. Zucchini chips were a popular choice at the different restaurants. I enjoyed the flavours of honey with cinnamon and ground almonds and walnuts combined with the crispy but soft texture of loukoumades (mini doughnuts). Skopelos is a terrific destination for a working holiday.  Visit Steph's website to see workshops for 2018.

Steph and Robin, wonderfully generous and bursting with hospitality are a great team, providing breakfasts each day and amazing excursions around the island.

All the photopolymer plates were exposed and post-exposed in glorious Skopelos sunshine. Pam Kent, Sue Trevillian, Elaine Watts and Dianne Longley working in the studio.

The morning view from Milos Apartments inspires Elaine Watts' print.

Mary Ann Glass and Christine Irvin from the USA drew on local influences for their prints.

Skopelos wood carvers making a frieze for a church.

Potted plants in front of shops and houses.

Tess Bolt's print combined cardboard drypoint and a photopolymer plate.

Early morning excursion to Sendoukia. We hiked for half an hour in pre-dawn darkness and were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise that was followed by a picnic breakfast.

Patterns in Skopelos and Athens.

Enjoying cafes and restaurants.

After Skopelos, sister Jane and I headed to Meteora, where there are monasteries on towers of rock.

Japan Travel and Research

After Greece I met up with Olga Sankey and we spent time in Tokyo, Kanazawa, Kyoto and Naoshima. We looked at art supply shops, gardens, galleries and museums. We stayed at Ryokans and ate Japanese food. We even did a cooking class in Kyoto.

Tokyu Hands Shibuya: soap carvings, balcony cafe and Shibuya shops.

Nippori-senni fabric street, Tokyo. Dressmakers' heaven.

Brush shop and pigment emporium in Ueno.

Kanazawa produce market.

Kenroku-en garden, Kanazawa.

Waiting for the ferry to Naoshima, Yayoi Kusama sculpture.

Back in Trentham

Fog in July and snow in September. The winter is long in Trentham.

Twilight watering in summer, and fabulous and amazing WWOOFer workers Ava and Becca from Idaho USA.

Snapshot of Agave Print Studio garden in October: camelia, evergreen clematis and meyer lemon that survived frosts with 5 lemons intact.
Workshop supplies sold at Agave Print Studio (email for prices):
A4, A3 and A2 (80%K) random dot screens
A4, A3 magnetic sheets
Single matte drafting film (from USA)
Methyl Cellulose
Magnesium Carbonate

Agave Print Studio suppliers:
Graphic Arts Supplies - Miraclon photopolymer plates, Olfa cutting knives, safety rulers, Agfa CopyJet film,  opaque pens, Epson printers and scanners, inkjet cartridges
Plates Plus - Printight KM73 photopolymer plates -
Archival Products - acid-free strawboard, solander boxes, book binding, acid-free tissue paper
Enjay Presses - constantly evolving and refining, arguably the safest and most respected presses made in Australia

Websites of colleagues, spreading the printmaking networks:
Studio Bowden - a new studio workshop and gallery in Bowden Adelaide, with painting, printmaking and drawing workshops, exhibitions and events. Tricia Ross contactable
Centre for Creative Photography - the Centre for Creative Photography is committed to a diverse and intense study of photography in a relaxed yet rigorous educational environment, Adelaide.
Gold Street Studios - photographic workshops & gallery providing an inspirational resource for photographic image makers offering workshops to inspire, challenge and educate, Trentham East, Victoria.
Baldessin Studio Press - studio of late artist George Baldessin, operated by Tess Edwards, running workshops, residencies, with accommodation at St Andrews, Victoria.
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