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August Newsletter 2016

Hello friends and colleagues - Welcome to the Agave Print Studio Newsletter 4.

PhD thesis work in progress. Almost at a final first draft stage, then lots of editing with my supervisor, but the end is getting closer.

Upcoming Workshops

Digital Inkjet Chine Colle & Photopolymer Printmaking
Wed-Thur Aug 17-18
Create background colours which are inkjet printed onto Japanese paper and used in conjunction with a photopolymer plate. You need a good working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and some previous printmaking experience would be advisable. The printed Japanese paper is used as a chine collé layer with the inked photopolymer plate. A challenging workshop, but the possibilities are amazing.

Letterpress Type and Blocks
Wed Aug 24 or Wed Sep 7
This workshop will show you how to create letterpress printing plates from film negatives and photopolymer plates. Photopolymer plates can be made that have both line art and text on the one plate. The plates can be printed in black or in colour.

Relief and Intaglio Plaster Prints
Sat-Sun Aug 27-28
This workshop will show you how to create letterpress printing plates from film negatives and photopolymer plates. Photopolymer plates can be made that have both line art and text on the one plate. The plates can be printed in black or in colour.

Explore Prints: Great Techniques for Art Teachers
Wed-Thur Aug 31-Sep1
This workshop reveals the wonders of cardboard drypoint and photopolymer printmaking — simple printmaking processes which can be translated to the classroom. A relatively new type of drypoint cardboard plate will be used that can be inscribed with lines of different qualities. Areas of the plate surface can be cut and removed to expose dark velvety areas when inked and printed. On the second day drawings or digital files will be used to create a photopolymer plate, which can be printed intaglio and sometimes in relief as well.

Workshops with Guest Presenters - take special notice!

All Things Paper: Paper Repairs, Pastes and Glues, Clamshell Boxes and Coptic Binding

Sat-Tue Sep 24-27
This workshop will introduce participants to many facets of paper and book arts, with a strong emphasis on the importance of conservation techniques. On day one Anthony will talk about paper and demonstrate the repairing of paper tears and creases. He will also demonstrate how to flatten paper, how to line paper and fabric, and how to hinge works of art. Days two and three will be about adhesives and their uses in relation to books and paper. Each participant will then make a clamshell box, with discussion on future designs. On day four you will make a simple coptic book with covered cardboard covers.

About the tutor: Anthony Zammit is a master bookbinder and conservator with extensive experience in teaching bookbinding. Anthony was a specialist paper conservator at Artlab in Adelaide for many years and is a passionate and highly skilled craftsperson. Participating in this workshop will give you the opportunity to learn from an expert in the field of books and papers.

Foil Printing: A response to George Baldessin's Silver Foil Prints
Sat-Sun Sep 17-18
With Dianne Longley and Tess Edwards. Workshop at historic St Andrews Baldessin Press Studio.
An exciting, historical printmaking event which will combine research and practical skills. Tess Edwards will present an informal session on Baldessin’s use of silver foil in beautiful intaglio prints from the Baldessin Estate. Dianne Longley will demonstrate a range of foil-printing techniques.
Participants will produce intaglio photopolymer plates which can be printed with foil or areas of gold leaf, experimenting with a range of techniques. A small edition of prints can be made, time permitting. This is a wonderful opportunity to work in the bushland Baldessin studio, and use the same silver foil used by George Baldessin. Bookings Tess Edwards 03 9710 1350 or 0448 144 449 or Baldessin Press Studio

Photography and Text: Artist Book Workshop Combining Photographic Images and Text

Sat-Sun Oct 15-16
Silvi Glattauer and Dianne Longley
This collaborative workshop will combine direct-to-plate photopolymer printmaking with the creation of artist books. Silvi and Dianne will present an exciting workshop where text can be woven into the images or presented on separate pages in the book. Text can be printed by letterpress using photopolymer plates, drypoint, or digital processes. This is the perfect opportunity to combine photography or tonal drawings with your creative writing.
Silvi will demonstrate computer-to-plate photopolymer printmaking, and Dianne will discuss a range of book structures and demonstrate letterpress using photopolymer plates and letterpress type.
As a two-day workshop the emphasis is on research and process, and creating a prototype book, one which can be developed further after the workshop. You will be able to experiment using small plates.


Calendar Events

PRINTED IN AUSTRALA - Book Launch and Exhibition - SPOT81
Book launch held on Saturday August 6, a great crowd attended.
81 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale, NSW, 2008  T 02 9690 0655
PRINTED IN AUSTRALIA is designed and published by 10 Group, with a foreword by Akky van Ogtrop.

Purchase books from Michelle Perry at SPOT81

THE EBB AND FLOW OF ENCAUSTIC - Group exhibition: September 7-October 30, 2016
Opening by Dianne Longley at Gold Street Gallery, Sunday September 11, 2-5pm

700 James Lane, Trentham East, Vic, 3458 03 5424 1835
Curator: Dianne Longley with Olly Cool, Jenny Hoffmen, Aileen Hubbard, Annette Potter, Anne Richardson, Annette Soumilas.


Studio News

August 7, 2016 Sunday Age Giant Crossword had a clue, 31 Across which meant lots of people had to research Agave Print Studio! Thanks Snodger Puzzles.

The laser decals workshop had a kiln hitch, but Deidre brought a range of ceramic surfaces and the decals fired beautifully on to them all.

Details of prints by Michael Prior, Sue Butler and Lyn Wood from the Easter Workshop.

Due to thesis work I have been quietly working in Trentham, snow has fallen; my yard was a winter wonderland for a whole day.

Should I begin the next chapter of my PhD or bake some bread, make some cakes or cook Craigh's wicked chocolate brownie with raspberry cheesecake slice?

It has been a while since I worked in the garden, but friend Brad and I went to the garden show at Silvan. The boot was full to overflowing with plants and shrubs and I took pictures of my favourite roses which we collected from Silkies Rose Farm at Clonbinane last week.

About Lottie

Lottie Longley is still falling over, her back leg will possibly always be a problem, but she is loved by the A-frame guests. Mark from WA had lots of play time with Lottie while Janine did the Easter workshop. But due to my boring schedule of PhD writing, Lottie has been having an extended stay in Melbourne with sister Jane and Aaron, who look after her really well.

Workshops and Residencies

SKOPELOS June 2017 -

Explore the versatility of printing with photopolymer plates. Relief and intaglio processes covered. You will be shown how to make and register multiple intaglio photopolymer plates. Create prints from hand-drawn images which have been researched from your personal archive combined with local influences from Skopolos. The plates are exposed to UV light, using your drawings on drafting film to create the image on the plate. The plates are washed out with tap water, dried and hardened in the sun. The images can be composed of fine, crisp lines and/or soft pencil lines, and tonal work is also possible. We will use a Stouffer Wedge to track exposures, so that you can continue your sun-exposures in the future, with accurate results.

While I am away in Skopelos in 2017 there is an opportunity for one or two artists to undertake a residency at Agave Print Studio. This would enable artists to make a body or work while living in a peaceful rural retreat. Terms and conditions negotiable, but basically only a nominal fee would be charged to cover utilities in return for care-taking (and harvesting) the garden and chooks.

If you would like to receive a 2016 AGAVE PRINT STUDIO workshop brochure email your mailing address to

Workshop enrollments are available on the website but if you would like additional information email or call Dianne: or 0414 891 952

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Workshop supplies sold at Agave Print Studio:
A4, A3 and A2 (80%K) random dot screens
A4 magnetic sheets
Single matte drafting film (from USA)
Methyl Cellulose
Magnesium Carbonate
Citrus Solvent

Agave Print Studio suppliers:
Graphic Arts Supplies - Miraclon photopolymer plates, Olfa cutting knives, safety rulers, Agfa CopyJet film,  opaque pens, stouffer wedges, Epson printers and scanners, inkjet cartridges
Plates Plus - Printight KM73 photopolymer plates -
Archival Products - acid-free strawboard, solander boxes, book binding, acid-free tissue paper
Enjay Presses - constantly evolving and refining, arguably the safest and most respected presses made in Australia

Websites of colleagues, spreading the printmaking networks:
Studio Bowden - a new studio workshop and gallery in Bowden Adelaide, with painting, printmaking and drawing workshops, exhibitions and events. Tricia Ross contactable
Centre for Creative Photography - the Centre for Creative Photography is committed to a diverse and intense study of photography in a relaxed yet rigorous educational environment, Adelaide.
Gold Street Studios - photographic workshops & gallery providing an inspirational resource for photographic image makers offering workshops to inspire, challenge and educate, Trentham East, Victoria.
Baldessin Studio Press - studio of late artist George Baldessin, operated by Tess Edwards, running workshops, residencies, with accommodation at St Andrews, Victoria.
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