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issue 15

July 23, 2020

Wait, is this still a thing?

The last issue of Inneresting came out over a year ago, so it would be entirely reasonable to wonder if I just abandoned the project.

And the answer is, yeah basically.

Between the podcast, my writing and the little software company I run, there was just too much on my plate. A weekly newsletter was good in theory but exhausting in practice.

But still: Good in theory.

I've asked Chris Csont to take over Inneresting with the hope it can become a weekly newsletter about writing and things that are interesting to writers. It also functions as the company newsletter for all the stuff we're working on in our virtual office. We will all be Slacking links to Chris for items to include.

If this new approach appeals to you, huzzah! If it doesn't, don't feel bad about unsubscribing.

Thanks and keep going!

Even Short Write Sprints Have Value

You may have seen the hashtag #WriteSprint on Twitter, calling writers to join in on an hour-long dash of fingers-on-the-keys, distraction-free writing.

But what if you don’t have an hour?

Take a look at our blog post about short write sprints, and see how even 15 minutes can make a difference!

Streaming, Contract Negotiations, and Coronavirus: A Shifting Status Quo

The New Republic has a write up on the challenges of actors and writers looking to break in and keep working during a time when there’s a greater demand for new content, but also uncertainty over the new rules of the game, and when and how production will restart.

And here’s a look inside two very different types of filming happening now: The pages and pages of safety procedures being used to start filming on the third Jurassic World film vs. the small-scale bubble created to make Zendaya and John David Washington’s Malcom & Marie.

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone! Take this.

Whether you’re building an epic multi-novel fantasy cycle or planning a new tabletop campaign, a map can come in handy. The Medieval Fantasy City Generator can help.

Have the site generate a map, tweak it to your needs, and even see how it could fit into a larger, generated overworld. You can even adjust the art style!

Highland How-To: Saving Backup Copies

No writer ever wants to open up their work-in-progress and see something missing (or worse yet, not be able to find their work-in-progress at all).

Highland 2’s Backup Preferences can prevent this from happening to you.

To find out more, read our Knowledge Base Article on Backing Up Your Writing.

A Few More Cool Things

Sometimes it can help to draw a diagram of your characters’ relationships with each other. Check out these flowcharts of penguin relationships created by aquariums in Tokyo and Kyoto for a real-world example.

If you watched The Old Guard and want to know more about director Gina Prince-Bythewood, she talks to the New York Times about her career so far and what’s next.

Ever wonder why English speakers don’t say “oneteen” or “twoteen?”

You’re not alone if you think writing and coffee go together. See how many cups per page Lauren Bacall drinks in this commercial for a (shudder) decaffeinated, instant coffee.

And that’s what’s interesting this week! As always, you can email us at


There's a global pandemic.


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