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Winter 2016 Kent ISD MTSS Update
Kent ISD is committed to providing a continuum of supports for local districts as they implement an integrated academic and behavioral Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS) framework. Our team works to develop local leadership teams who facilitate and support quality systems reviews resulting in sustainable changes that increase achievement for ALL students.

Focus on Improving Outcomes

This winter's school level data reviews revealed some exciting trends:
  • Many buildings celebrated an increase in the number of students at benchmark as well as an increase in students maintaining benchmark levels from fall to winter!
  • Several schools saw reductions in the number of students needing intervention.
  • Based on the EWS (Early Warning System for Dropout Prevention) data, two of the three participating high schools reported a decrease in course failures.
  • SWIS behavior data from multiple schools showed an overall decrease in problem behaviors.
  • A few schools noted a decrease in disproportionate discipline practices.
“Using SWIS, we determined that the percentage of African American students referred for behavior drastically reduced from 25% referral rate in the fall to 8.6% in the winter.” 
MTSS Accomplishments
  • The middle schools from Caledonia received the Promoting Adolescent Reading Systems grant from MDE. Teams of teacher are attending trainings with national experts in the area of adolescent literacy. In addition, they are receiving coaching supports to implement learned strategies in the classroom.
  • Additional Kent ISD consultants are deepening their knowledge of MTSS systems and practices through attending data reviews, distict-level sessions, and school team trainings.
  • In December the MTSS team began partnering with our first charter school, Hope Academy!
  • Kent ISD's secondary programs began attending Positive School Climate training and are beginning to develop their universal behavior systems for students. 
  • Eight additional buildings from Kentwood, Caledonia and Hope Academy began attending Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) training.
  • Five buildings from Grandville and Lowell attended Tier 1 Reading Systems Training.

MTSS at the State

Through a grant from MDE, Kent ISD will be hiring three literacy coaches to support MTSS practices in our local districts. These coaches will support K-3 reading instruction to increase the number of third grade students proficient in reading. 

MTSS is also part of the governor's proposed education budget which outlines a plan for state-wide implementation of MTSS practices.

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