BFL/CADAC Newsletter from Ernest Ehabe here is your  Bread For Life/CADAC November 2015 Newsletter
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"I thank my God every time I remember you ...I always pray with joy because of your partnership...”
–Philippians 1.3-6

I wake up most mornings with a song or a hymn in my heart. I am not musically gifted. I may not be able to sing, but I know how to make a “joyful” noise! And that I do well!

As I sang, “I stand amazed at the presence, of Jesus the Nazareth...” this early morning, and as I prayed, I could not help but thank God for the many friends and numerous volunteers He has blessed me with and the impact each has had in my life and ministry.

I was able to fly across the USA for several weeks this year for free. Not really! Nothing is free these days! BFL saved several thousand dollars in domestic flights because of the generosity of a friend and a volunteer, Scott A.

Scott is a pilot with a major airline and was gracious to give me “buddy passes” and book my tickets. What a HUGE blessings in these days when flying costs an arm and a leg.

Scott has also been very helpful with our shipping efforts. He has been instrumental in helping secure truckloads of donated items from a major national retailer and from friends for BFL!

Three forty-foot containers were shipped out of Atlanta and Dallas in 2015 through our small social
business initiative – Beulah Group Shipping! There was
no way I could have done it alone. Scott took off from work a few times to help me rent and drive a truck as well as pick up items and drop at our storage in Powder Spring, GA.

BFL Board member and veteran short-term missionary, Dr. Roxanne Cheek also drove a vanload of stuff from Jacksonville, FL to Atlanta. Dr. Kenneth Mitchell, Senior pastor of Westside Chapel in Jacksonville, FL and our yearly speaker for BFL’s RIGHTLY DIVIDING THE WORD CONFERENCE rented and drove a truck full of stuff to Atlanta, accompanied by a friend!

As I thanked God this morning for the many volunteers and friends He has blessed us with, I couldn’t help but thank Him for these and the gift of folks like you who go above and beyond...

Someone has said:

Saint Augustine said, “Preach and if you must - use words.” This is BFL in a nutshell! Your volunteerism makes the difference.

Merry Christmas from all of us @ BFL,

Ernest Ehabe
Late nights, early mornings, countless connecting flights, train and bus rides, numerous speaking engagements, successful & not too successfulprojects, appointments and a never ending to-do list is how I will sum up 2015!I am thankful to God for the countless divine appointments and open doors! None of these would be possible without you. Your prayers, your support, and your encouragement keep us going. May we always do it to the glory of the ONE who came so we may all have bread for life!

Here are a few 2015 Highlights:

▶ Medical, Agricultural
▶ Evangelistic outreaches: several
▶ Rightly dividing the word Conference was held in multiple cities in Cameroon and in the Maximum Security prison in Yaounde
▶ Several Short Term Teams visited and served alongside ourindigenous team
▶ A number of newly planted churches were encouraged
▶ A number of small businesses were initiated included one at the prison in Yaounde
▶ BFL held its 20th Anniversary Annual Missions Banquet in Kerrville, TX
▶ Several BFL associates Team members visited the USA with me and had opportunities to share the hope that’s in us
▶ A major piece of land was ceded to BFL in the village of Akid, Muambobg for a major regional base and development
▶ Ministry to Internationals across the USA
▶ Three containers of donated items were shipped to Cameroon
▶Thousands of folks were encouraged, lives were changed and God was glorified!
◀ Ernest shares cookies with children in a community BFL serves

◀ Walter Morris received a certificate of service after five months of serving with BFL in Cameroon
◀ October 2015 short-term team from Jacksonville, FL

◀ Dr. Roxanne Cheek visits with our Dimako Farm manager
▼ Ernet encourages and prays with elders and farmers in a new community BFL is getting involved with ▼ Dr Downey visits with Caleb Yengo, a BFL staff, after an outreach▼  Ernest meets with an international from Cameroon after speaking  at a church in Atlanta▼ October 2015 Combine team
Transmissions & Vehicle parts needed:

In 2008, 2011 & 2013, we were blessed with a van, a Chevy Suburban & a Farm truck. All of these vehicles have been put to good use by BFL. After several years and with the difficult roads and terrain, each vehicle has had quite a beating and a toll on them. Each of these vehicles need their transmission changed and all vehicles need brand new tires. We will be shipping in February and praying for funds to buy the transmission or to buy other vehicles to replace the present ones. We are already spending a fortune on rented vehicles. Will you join us in praying for this need? Let us know if you are led to give towards this, also.

Two Farm Tractors Donated: One of our supporting churches has donated two used tractors for our agricultural and rural development efforts. This is a HUGE blessing. We will need about $18,000 to load and ship these with other donated items out of Kerrville, TX, this amount will also enable us pay for custom duties and clearing related charges in Cameroon as well as in country transportation.

Beulahland Farms:
One of our supporting churches has donated two used tractors for our agricultural and rural development efforts. This is a HUGE blessing. We will need about $18,000 to load and ship these with other donated items out of Kerrville, TX, this amount will also enable us pay for custom duties and clearing related charges in Cameroon as well as in country transportation.  
Two young college sisters from found us while browsing the net. They had been praying about serving. God miraculously put a number of things in motion for them to visit us in Cameroon. Here is what they said after returning:

How can I express my gratitude? This trip to Cameroon with the nonprofit Organization Bread For Life has been an honor and privilege all the way. I’m so thankful for Ernest Ehabe and his team and family; because I saw true followers of Christ not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. It has inspired me and given me great hope. It was a short exploratory trip where Natalya, my sister and I, got to see what Bread For Life is doing practically in various ways to advance and help the people of Cameroon to prosper educationally, environmentally, agriculturally, spiritually and in the family as well. With Gods help and provision we are going back to do kingdom work with you all for God’s glory. Thank you again for all you do - Bread For Life team!!!

Natalya and Barbara Mishkova
BECOME A BFL REP – Our work has been built mostly around volunteers and ministry advocates - those who share our passion, believe in what the ministry stands for and are willing to involve others. Anyone with a voice or a pen can serve as a Bread For Life Ministry Representative in their community. Simply identify an issue you are passionate about (Transformational Church Plants, Poverty Alleviation, Evangelistic Outreach, Literature, HIV/AIDS, Orphans, Agriculture, Leadership etc.) Bread For Life will furnish you with its literature and help to point you to other resources to help your effectiveness.

Taxes & End of the Year Giving
Each year many folks are looking to give end-of-year gifts as a possible way to help reduce their tax liability. If you are one of those folks, here are some things to keep in mind! Contributions mailed to CTEN–BFL must be postmarked no later than December 31st. Online credit card donations must be posted through the CTEN website or PayPal no later than December 31st. CTEN is also able to receive contributions of stocks, bonds and mutual funds, which are then sold and the proceeds provided to BFL. Remember that any year-end gifts of stocks, bonds or mutual funds must be received in CTEN’s brokerage account by December 31st. Call 800-872-5404 for more information.
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