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The WORD Amongst Us

Christmas is the time of the year when we celebrate the WORD becoming flesh. John gave testimony to the glory he saw in the flesh of Jesus, describing it as “full of GRACE and TRUTH.” I am so glad that grace precedes truth. Perhaps it could be said that for truth to be received, it must be wrapped in grace. People are hungry to see the glory of God. Our challenge being, can our flesh incarnate the WORD, in its grace and truth? Is our evangelism just throwing truth at people, or will we wrap it in the costly, sometimes painful gift of grace?

I hope you can find the grace to forgive us for our long lack of news. So much has happened, so much has been happening and so much would be happening in the next few weeks. Much not possible to be included here, that we have not organized ourselves sufficiently to write about it.

Bread for Life Board: Steve Langton, Tim Nix, Ernest Ehabe, Dr. Jackson Downey, Floretta Green and Dr. Roxanne Cheek

As I pondered on what to write for this end of the year newsletter, George Fredrick Handel’s great classical work “Messiah” comes to mind. Most of us are familiar with Handel’s great classical. The story behind this great work makes it even more powerful to the listener.  In 1741, the 57 year old Handel’s personal life was at an all-time low. He was hopelessly in debt and in severe depression. Coming out of this state seemed impossible.

About this time a minor poet, named Charles Jenners, delivered to Handel a collection of Biblical excerpts under the title of “A Sacred Oratorio.”  With little interest, Handel began to turn through the pages of the manuscript, “He was despised and rejected of men.”  Handel identified with those words because he too was “despised and rejected of men.”

Something began to happen to him.  The words began to reverberate in his soul:  “Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.”  He began to compose music to those powerful words.  He was in seclusion for 24 days and was seldom able to even eat.  At times he would jump up and wave his hands in the air, shouting, “Hallelujah!”  Later Handel confided, “I think I did see all heaven before me, and the great God Himself.”

The rest is history, and thousands of times each Christmas and Easter crowds have been inspired by this great masterpiece which climaxes in the great “Hallelujah Chorus.” At one of the earlier performances in London, as the music began to build through the “Hallelujah Chorus,” the king stood and all the audience with him. This has been customary practice since that time.

God revealed Himself through His Word.  When Handel realized the greatness of God, the greatness of his problems faded in the distance.  Furthermore a work of art rose out of his despair and triumphant revelation. 

This Christmas, may you and I get a deeper revelation of the Word that became flesh. May we begin to see ourselves as a work of art. It is my sincere prayer that you and I would not be trapped in the circumstances of “a world in crises.” We are children of God. May Emmanuel be real to you this Christmas and in 2015. He is still, “Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace”.  May a strong “Hallelujah” come out of you in recognition of God’s awesome power and majesty working in and through you!

Have a grace filled 2015,

Beulah Group Shipping: 

Doing Business As Mission

In a needy continent like Africa, empowerment must take many forms. That is why Bread for Life International has engaged in a wide-variety of ministries. While we are grateful to God for using our Western brothers & sisters to meet many of our ministry and development needs, the question invariably asked is, “how long?” Will Africa ever be on the giving end too, not just on the receiving side? How? How can a culture and a continent with a long history of dependence move to self-sustainment?

In more than two decades of ministry, I have been involved in several “tent-making” efforts to meet personal and ministry needs. A few of them have been, buying USBs, Cameras and laptops (at reasonable or discounted prices) in the USA during my yearly visits and making them available in Cameroon in a similar reasonable rate. Proceeds from such sales go into ministry. Of recent, we have taken a bold initiative to develop a “living” farm (Beulahland Farms) among the Baka Pygmy community in the Eastern part of Cameroon.

God continues to bless each venture. The result has been the proliferation of similar ventures by others in and around our country, for which I am thankful! Sadly, because of the burden of personal and community needs, in the absence of hope and opportunities, there is no motivation for creativity. The entrepreneurial spirit is not present. Ideas are simply duplicated until the specific market is saturated, and businesses fail.

A few years ago, because of the cost of flying with stuff and the limit in luggage and weight by airlines, I began looking for cheaper ways to ship stuff to Cameroon, both for the ministry as well as for my family and associates. I found out there were a few freight forwarders who shipped stuff to Cameroon. Not only were their fees prohibitive, customer service was horrible and most of the stuff shipped either got lost or could not be cleared through customs.

Then came the idea to find a cost saving way to send stuff: why not rent a container, load it with donated ministry and personal stuff and have others join in sharing the cost. We did the first, the second, the third, forth...until it has become a yearly event. We Are now providing the service to Cameroonians in diaspora and to the missionary community, and BFL stuff gets to go for free or for a fraction of what it would usually cost! Last year, we sent donated stuff worth tens of thousands of dollars for ministry in Cameroon. The chairs for the two new church plants in Yaoundé this year were in that container. So was a donated truck for our farm. In August this year, another container with a donated van from Believers Community Church of Batesville, AR, and tons of ministry items was sent, more than 50% of the container were BFL items. We were still able to generate from the Cameroonian and missionary community more than $6,000, which enabled the container to leave the USA.

The Container has arrived Douala, God has provided $4,000 already. This money has gone toward the clearing process. We still need $7,500 to pay off the duties, penalties and related charges. If God tugs on your heart to partner with us in paying this debt off, kindly do so via or go to our website at:

New Church Plants:

We are thankful to our friends at Believers community Church of Batesville whose generous gift early this year enable the planting of a new church I the Damas area of Yaoundé. Chairs sent in a container last year are now being used there. The church is already full to capacity and will need to move to a bigger building.

By the time you get this newsletter, we would have launched another church plant in Mendong, in Yaoundé.  We have named this church,” Ekklesia” – the hand and feet of Jesus in the community. We have built a makeshift building. We will keep you informed by January about the progress of this new church plant.

End of the Year Gifts

During the Christmas season, we celebrate the priceless gift we receive through the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  In worshipful response, we also give – of our time, energy, abilities, and resources. We know that Kingdom investment is important to you and want to invite you to consider joining BFL in your year end giving. Here are some things to keep in mind!  

Contributions mailed to CTEN must be postmarked no later than December 31st.  Online credit card donations must be posted through the CTEN’s  website ( no later than December 31st.  CTEN is also able to receive contributions of stocks, bonds and mutual funds, which are then sold and the proceeds provided to Bread For Life International.  

Remember that any year end gifts of stocks, bonds or mutual funds must be received in the CTEN’s brokerage account by December 31st.  Call 800-872-5404 for more information. 

Progress Amidst Obstacles

BFL has embarked on a development project in a 250 acre land among the Baka Pygmy tribe in the East of Cameroon. We have made some progress with very limited resources. We could be doing better with some resources and farm equipment. Our goal is to use this land as a ministry base to reach the Eastern part of the Country and beyond our boarders.

We have been experimenting with various crops for the past year and from every indication, we can grow practically anything. Our challenge now is developing the land to a place where it is livable, productive and self-sustaining within a year or two. Here are a few needs:

Beulahland Farm Needs:
  • $400 a month for two full time workers (a farm manager and a chain saw operator)
  • $6,000 to buy a used tractor
  • $200 investment fully develops an acre of land
  • $4,000 to build two temporary farm houses for farmers
  • $750 to dig two temporary wells (for irrigation) and an outhouse for farmers and visitors
  • Donation of useful farm tools and equipment


BEULAHLAND FARMS - We are looking for folks with farming or agricultural background who can volunteer with us for weeks or months at a time to help with our ministry base in Dimako. This is one of our self-sustaining projects which we envision will house several ministry bases while simultaneously creating needed employment and generating income for continuity.  
WATER FOR LIFE PROJECT - About $6,500 has come in towards the $34,000 needed to buy a well rig equipment. This will be a HUGE blessing across a region where people are dying for lack of a clean and reliable source of water.
CHURCH PLANTING We are thankful for the many ways God has chosen to provide for our new church plant –Ekklesia Mendong. We are still in need of $10,000 to pay off all expenses (temporary building and evangelistic crusade and launching).
GIDEON 300 PARTNERS - Our work has mostly been supported by 30 friends and 8 churches that give to BFL monthly. We are still 50% below our monthly budget. We are trusting God for 300 “Gideons” - those who will commit to giving $25 or more monthly to cover the ongoing monthly operational cost of BFL.
CONTAINER SHIPPED - Our 40 foot container from Atlanta arrived Douala in late October. We are in need of $7,500 to clear outstanding clearing related charges and custom duties.



-So thankful for the many ways God chose to provide in 2014. Many of you were used of God to meet needs at the right time. We are praying God’s multifarious blessings on you in 2015.
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