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Our Services - Updated March 2018

You can find information about our range of supportive services in this monthly update.Times, dates and availability of courses are potentially subject to change, so we advise you to contact the office to confirm your attendance or find out more information in advance.We also want to make sure that everyone using our services is receiving the right level of care, so please note our following eligibility criteria and referral procedures.

Our self-referral services are open for anyone experiencing mental health problems who feel they may benefit by referring themselves.We may however require a completed suitability questionnaire before we can confirm a place. Please ring 01978 364777 for more information or click here ( to download a self-referral form.

Parabl's services listed below are aimed at helping people with mild to moderate mental health difficulties and these require a prior telephone assessment (please ring the Freephone Parabl number - 0300 777 2257 - to request one).

GPs should feel welcome to signpost to all of our self-referral and Parabl services.

The rest of our services require a Secondary mental health care referral (i.e. receiving support from a specialist mental health team or psychiatrist), apart from certain group activities which can be accessed by self-referral. You can find a link to our referral form here (

All of the services are clearly labelled with the correct admission criteria but please call 01978 364777 if you require further clarification or more information.

Tools and Strategies for Coping and Resilience or for Helping Others

NEW: 'Five To Thrive' Taster Session

Learn 5 actions we can all take that can help decrease some mental health problems and enable us to thrive in life.

This FREE session will provide an introduction to a six week course to follow in April 2018.

Tuesday 22nd March, 2018
9:00am - 11:00am
Llay Park Resource Centre | Market Square | Llay | Wrexham LL12 0SA

Spaces on this course are limited so please contact us using the details below, or fill in and return the self-referral form here (

COMING SOON: safeTALK: Suicide Alertness for Everyone

safeTALK is a 3½ hour training course that can help you make a difference. Know what to do if someone's suicidal by following the easy to remember TALK steps - Tell, Ask, Listen and Keep-safe.These practical steps offer immediate help to someone having thoughts of suicide and helps you both move forward to connect with more specialised support.

Course Aims:
  • Identify people thinking of suicide
  • Overcome barriers in talking about suicide
  • Identify reasons we may miss, dismiss or avoid suicide
  • Practice using the 4-step model of suicide alertness
  • Connect people at risk of suicide with further appropriate help
The safeTALK course was developed by LivingWorks in Canada and is delivered worldwide. It complements the more comprehensive 2 day ASIST course by conveniently widening the net of suicide alert helpers to ensure that thoughts of suicide aren't missed, dismissed or avoided. The safeTALK course is based on the principles of maximum dissemination and minimum cost.

ASIST supports the National Service Framework (NSF) Standard 7, which looks at suicide prevention.

Wednesday 4th April, 2018
6:00pm - 9:30pm
3 Belmont Road | Wrexham LL13 7PW
Cost: £20 - you can book online here (

To find out more, please call 01978 364777 or email


Helping with Mild to Moderate Mental Health Difficulties

Telephone assessment needed for the following courses -
please ring 0300 777 2257 for more details

Please note: If you are interested in any of the courses listed below, we encourage you to contact us as this helps us plan appropriate times and dates. Even if no sessions are currently available for the course(s) that appeal(s) to you, we will put something on as soon as we can if we know there is sufficient interest.

NEW: Dealing with Depression (Group Sessions)

This course is highly interactive and designed to give you an overview and understanding of your depression. Providing you with an insight into the importance of the link between your thinking and the way you are feeling, you will identify the depressive thoughts and actions that keep you in a negative place. You will also discover tried and tested tools and strategies to help you challenge and change your thoughts to enable you to manage your depression.

6 weekly sessions from 6th March - 10th April, 2018
Tuesdays | 6:00pm - 8:00pm
3 Belmont Road | Wrexham LL13 7PW

COMING SOON: Mindfulness (Group Sessions)

This is an experiential course, i.e. learning through the reflection of doing, which allows you to develop greater self-awareness, live fully in the moment and be more in touch with yourself. Practicing with a number of techniques and approaches, you will be able to integrate mindfulness into all aspects of your life and realise the benefits. The course runs for 2.5 hours each week and includes one full day of practice. Manual and guided practice CDs are provided to support you at home and in your ongoing mindfulness development.

8 weekly sessions from 11th April - 30th May, 2018
Wednesdays | 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Plus one full day session on a weekend (date to be confirmed) | 10:00am - 4:00pm
3 Belmont Road | Wrexham LL13 7PW

COMING SOON: Building Confidence & Self-esteem (Group Sessions)

This course is made up of interactive workshops designed to help you manage difficult emotional states.  During the interactive sessions you will get to explore and understand more about what is causing your stress and why you are getting anxious.  You will discover how to change the way you are thinking about this and also learn some great practical ways to help you relax and reduce the stress and anxiety you are experiencing.

6 weekly sessions from 1st May - 5th June, 2018
Tuesdays, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
3 Belmont Road | Wrexham LL13 7PW

To register your interest, please call 01978 364777 or email  Please bear in mind that a telephone assessment from Parabl will still be required before you can attend these sessions.

Support for People's Wellbeing in Wrexham's Rural Communities

Self-referral - please click here ( to download a form

Please note: Once we have processed your referral, we will also ask you to come in for an initial meeting to identify whether this service is best suited for your needs. 

The ARC (Active Rural Connections) project aims to bring our services to Wrexham's rural communities. We have support available for people over 18, with mild to moderate anxiety, depression or stress.

  Talking Therapies

These sessions offer individuals the opportunity to seek support from a Trainee Counsellor. The sessions can be arranged flexibly and are held on ABF's premises at 3 Belmont Road. Talking therapy is great for those who may struggle in groups or would benefit from talking through their issues confidentially.

  NEW: Living Life to the Full (Group Sessions)

This FREE course has been designed to help people tackle the everyday problems that everyone faces from time to time.

The 8 sessions teach key life skills that help individuals feel better, happier, gain confidence and take control! Also useful for carers helping those who are feeling depressed or unhappy at the moment.

First 2 sessions from 12th - 19th March, 2018 | Next 4 sessions from 9th - 30th April, 2018 | Final 2 sessions from 14th - 21st May, 2018
Mondays | 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Splash Community Trust | Aqua Lounge (1st Floor) | Plas Madoc Leisure Centre | Llangollen Road | Acrefair | Wrexham LL14 3HL

To find out more, please call 01978 364777 or email

Additional Support for Parents

Self-referral - please click here ( to download a form

PRAMS (Parental Resilience And Mutual Support) is available for mothers and fathers who would like some additional support through the challenges of early parenthood. As many as 10% of all new parents experience periods of feeling low following the birth of their baby and the service is particularly suited to help people find their feet in these times. We currently offer three forms of support that provide the opportunity to talk and learn about emotional wellbeing and resilience in an informal setting.

COMING SOON: PRAMS Group (incorporating 'You & Your Baby' sessions)

Parents can bring their babies (under 12 months), make friends and enjoy a coffee at this informal group.

'You & Your Baby' involves several FREE weekly sessions aimed at challenging negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours and making lasting, positive changes in your life. The group also provides a great opportunity to meet other parents and connect with new people in the community.

Dates, times and venue to be confirmed

COMING SOON: PRAMS Group (incorporating 'You & Your Bump' sessions)

Expectant mums can come along to learn more about getting the most out of their pre-natal experience while making friends and enjoying a coffee in an informal setting.

'You & Your Bump' involves several FREE weekly sessions aimed at improving how you feel so that you enjoy your pregnancy and future life as a parent. The group also provides a great opportunity to connect with other mums-to-be in the community.
  • Session 1: Expectations, Should's and Ought's
  • Session 2: Understanding your feelings
  • Session 3: The Vicious Cycle
  • Session 4: Bonding with your baby
  • Session 5: Planning for the arrival
Dates, times and venue to be confirmed

One-to-one Talking Therapy

This gives you an opportunity to talk confidentially without judgement. Talking therapy is great for those who may struggle in groups or would benefit from talking through more complex issues.

To find out more, please call 01978 364777 or email


Providing a Stepping Stone into Community Life through Group Activities

Secondary mental health care referral needed - please click here ( to download a form
Please note: Our activities are potentially subject to change so we advise you to telephone the office to confirm your attendance or find out more information in advance.

Our activities aim to help people (over 18) to be active and personally develop in a safe and secure environment with ABF staff and volunteers. They are designed to aid the recovery process, drawing on the insight that mental wellbeing is closely linked to physical activity, recreation and social inclusion. We warmly welcome new people to all of our activities and no previous experience is necessary.

Walk in Erddig

Mondays | 11:00am - 12:45pm

Meet beforehand at 3 Belmont Road | Wrexham LL13 7PW
Cost: FREE

No Stress Art Course (with Markrobla)

Mark Roberts (compared to Banksy by the national press) is inviting all of those currently on the BYW Project to take part in a No Stress Art Course. Participants will be free to work in any medium, with the only restrictions being size and cost. We will learn about techniques and art history, and there will be an exhibition at the end of the course so that members will be able to see their finished work in a gallery setting.

The aim of the course is to boost confidence through art and to also support students in the critique of art. All levels are welcome, from amateur to professional. We will keep the sessions fun and friendly with an emphasis on the studio being a safe place to share ideas and feelings towards the work.

Wednesdays | 2:00pm - 4:00pm
3 Belmont Road | Wrexham LL13 7PW
Cost: FREE

No Stress Drama Course

The aim of the course is to help individuals with their confidence and social skills and valuable relaxation techniques will be taught towards the end of each session. All sessions will be fun and friendly and no participant will be asked to do anything they don’t want to.

Thursdays | 1:00pm - 3:00pm
3 Belmont Road | Wrexham LL13 7PW
Cost: FREE

COMING SOON: Equine Experiences

We will be working in partnership with Project CELT to provide a programme involving equine related experiences.  These fun activities include riding, carriage driving, equestrian vaulting, equine learning and therapy and hippotherapy.

6 weekly sessions from 10th April - 15th May, 2018
Tuesdays | 10:00am (minibus leaves 3 Belmont Road) - 12:30pm (arrives back in Wrexham)
Clwyd Special Riding Centre | Llanfynydd | Flintshire LL11 5H
Cost: FREE

There are a limited spaces available on some of these sessions so please ensure you call 01978 364777 or email to book your place.

Achieving Change through Discussion and Support

Secondary mental health care referral needed - please click here ( to download a form

Please note: There is currently a 2 week waiting list for this service.

Our one-to-one coaching sessions help participants make positive changes to their lives and usually consist of hourly sessions over 6 weeks*. 

The service is for people who are ready to engage in pursuing recovery-oriented goals and is tailored to individual needs. It is future-oriented, as opposed to diagnosing the past, and aims to sustain recovery from mental health problems and improve overall wellbeing.

Participants may focus on different areas like improving self-esteem, managing mental health and developing social networks. Signposting is also a big part of this service and our lifestyle coaches can suggest other resources to aid recovery.

To find out more, please call 01978 364777 or email

* Number of sessions can be extended if it is mutually agreed that further progress would prove beneficial to the participant's independence.

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