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Sambhali Trust in September 2021
Dear friends of Sambhali Trust,

We hope all of you are healthy and well. Welcome to our September news!

We have some good news: The Indian Government plans to open all borders for tourists. Regarding the improving COVID-19 situation in our country, further relaxations are being considered, especially concerning visa & travel. For now, group tourism should start again on October 15, while individual foreigners can visit India for tourism purpose from November, 15 on. We at Sambhali are crossing our fingers that everything will work out and we may see some familiar faces again. 

At the moment, the Covid situation in India seems to be under control as both the number of deaths and new cases show a declining trend. In the last 24 hours, the country reported 18,166 new cases - the lowest single-day rise in seven months. As the festival season begins in fall, it is very important that all people follow the Covid protocols in order to avoid a third wave. Luckily, our vaccination progress is going well: India has so far administrated more than 94,000 crore vaccine doses. 
With the help of CMHO IEC Jodhpur, many of our participants were finally able to get their first Covid vaccination as well.
Sambhali Empowerment Centers
Currently, most of our Empowerment Centers in Jodhpur are located in areas where women face domestic violence specifically. Often, these women have never spoken about their problems before so they hesitate to share their experiences with the others. Our tutors try their best to offer them a safe space at the center and counseling. The students usually agree to talk to the staff but don’t feel empowered enough to seek legal or psychological assistance. We hope that their time at Sambhali will strengthen them.

These days, we concentrate on sewing classes and educational workshops. The teachers improved all old workshops and plan to conduct new ones for topics such as environment, saving electricity & water and plastic recycling. As the spreading of Malaria is increasing, workshops on the infection, precautions and other diseases like Dengue Fever are included as well. All teachers will held the same workshop each week so that all topics can be discussed simultaneously at all centers. Furthermore, our law interns conduct workshops on topics such as free legal aid, FIR and Zero FIR. The participants also learn how to repair their own sewing machines as we plan to include business classes in our schedule in the next months. Our goal is to offer as much general knowledge as possible. 

Next to the workshops, educational as well as sewing classes, the participants can attend yoga and self-defense classes at their centers. These sessions allow them to get to know and understand their own body and health. Most of them have never tried anything like that before and are happy about the new opportunities at Sambhali.
Our Boarding Homes
Beginning of September, schools were reopened for the classes 9, 10, 11 and 12. In the last week of September, all other students were finally able to go back to school as well. Therefore, all our Boarding Home girls are back at school. Additionally, their tutoring classes in the afternoons are still helping them with their homework and ongoing exam preparations. We also started to offer the girls some Computer lessons again as they really enjoyed it in the last semester and are eager to learn more. Moreover, they stay fit and healthy with their yoga and self-defense classes.
Our college girls, who live at Sambhali HQ, have started to train their self-defense skills as well. Further, they are registering and studying for their exams. They also take RSCIT classes which allow them improve their technological knowledge. The girls feel safe at the HQ and are happy to work on their education all together.
The Sambhali Team
On all 4 Saturdays of this month, our tutors attended capacity building workshops at Sambhali HQ to talk about the following topics: academics/role of a teacher, skills, leadership and workplace ethics. Additionally, they discussed some ideas for new innovations and projects. We are very thankful to Mrs. Pooja Rathore for her valuable time, input and tips for our staff. 
We have started to collect data of all Sambhali participants in order to help them to receive governmental support. Most of them don’t have mandatory documents for online applications or beneficial schemes. Ms. Monica Jod leads this program and educates the girls and women about their rights and opportunities.
Solidarity 🇮🇳🇦🇫 
Last month, our Team came together for a little candle-light march to show solidarity for those suffering violence and inequality in Afghanistan. Additionally, the teachers organized a workshop on what is going on in Afghanistan and what may change for the girls and women in that country. Further, all participants created posters with the knowledge and impressions they have learned about in the workshop. In the end, we put them in front of our HQ for everybody to look at. It is important to talk about this topic in order to educate as many people as possible and make them aware of it.
Thank You!
Thank you for your enormous and continuous support. We are very grateful for every single friend and supporter of Sambhali and hope to see you in Jodhpur again.
Take care and many blessings 
Sambhali Trust.
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Text by Roxanne N.
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