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Sambhali Trust - June 2021
Dear friends and supporters, 

We hope all of you are well. Welcome to our June news! 
Currently, the numbers of active COVID cases are decreasing worldwide, thanks to vaccines and people following restrictions. Although the numbers are still very high in India, we can see a sharp decline in active cases. At the moment, the country reports about 34,000 cases every day. A few states have announced another lockdown, including round the clock curfews, shut down of shops, etc. and bans on Inter-State movements. Meanwhile in Rajasthan, the first case of the Delta-plus variant has been found in Bikaner, about 150 miles from Jodhpur. On the bright side, 21 out of 33 districts in the State counted 0 new cases in the past 24 hours. Currently, around 50 cases are reported in Rajasthan on a daily basis. In the city of Jodhpur, 457 people are so far affected. Cases of the black fungus have gone down as well, but the fear of the disease started to control people‘s lives. We hope that both COVID and the black fungus can be controlled as soon as possible! Big thanks to all of you for supporting us and our mission! 
Sambhali Food Bank
This month, Rajasthan has started to follow some “Unlock-Guidelines” since active numbers are finally decreasing again. Therefore, we have noticed that people in Jodhpur are slowly returning to their workplaces and are able to provide food for their families. By the end of this month, we have decided to stop the main food distributions for now. Same as last year, we will continue to support some very vulnerable families. At the moment, we are still delivering 132 ration kits to 22 families in Setrawa and helped citizens of Jodhpur with some kits in June. We are always ready to help more needy people but we hope it won’t be needed again any time soon. 
Last month, our Trustee Mr. Virendra Chouhan organized food rations for horses, camels and donkeys in the city. In June, we again supported 26 donkey owners.
A few weeks back, Sambhali’s Founder & Managing Trustee, Mr. Govind Singh Rathore, has met a lady in the village of Setrawa. She lives in a small hut and had a terrible accident recently. A wound on her leg was very serious. With gracious donations of Sambhali Austria & Sambhali UK, we were able to bring her to Jodhpur. 2 weeks ago, she had a surgery and is slowly getting better. Unfortunately, she lost her leg but will get a prosthetic leg once the wound is healed. 
Our work with the Local Government
With your help, we were able to donate many important resources to institutions in Jodhpur and Setrawa. In the month of June, we bought 3 RAD-G oximeters for hospitals in both Setrawa & Jodhpur as well as 30 additional sanitizer bottles for the Major of Jodhpur (South).
We were very pleased to welcome Major Saheb and Deputy Mayor Saheb of Jodhpur Nagar Nigam South at our HQ. 
Thank you very much for your ongoing support. We are grateful for every single one of you and hope that we can continue with our mission to help as many people as possible. Our Milaap campaign is still online - every cent can change something. 🙏🏼
Preparing for another “New Normal”
Since the Trust has slowed down its Food Bank project, our Team prepares for another “new normal” again. Sambhali’s head of Educational Services, Ms. Rajshree Rathore, conducted some refresher workshops for all tutors. They used the time to work on their laptops again to be ready for center workshops, monthly reports, etc. Excel and E-Mails were a major part of the training. Additionally, the sewing tutors learned and practiced new embroidery skills, especially useful designs for festive seasons.
By the end of the month, we had a few staff meetings to discuss the start of the centers and contacting our participants. Our tutors went to the respective areas of all centers to inform Sambhali’s students about everything. Beginning of July, our Women Empowerment Centers will finally reopen! 
On a side more: our Boarding Home girls at Sheerni and Laadli came back to Jodhpur as well. We are glad that we were able to welcome them again. The younger girls at Laadli Girls Home will study with the help of 3 tutors; the Sheerni girls in 6th class and above will have additional online classes. At the moment, it is not possible for students to attend school physically.

Our Team made some changes in the syllabus to cover all embroidery, stitching and educational classes. Before the third wave, we have recognized that some students lost their interest in embroideries as they do not guarantee any incomes. Therefore, the new syllabus combines embroidery and stitching classes with the aim to catch all students’ interests. Each center will start with one batch for 2 1/2 hours, pre- and post-lunch. First, our tutors were a bit worried about the current situation but with the help of a few workshops and our safety measures & guidelines, we are very hopeful that everything will work out well!
Sambhali’s Graduates
We are very happy to announce that our Graduate Center reopened on June 14th! 13 women and girls are currently working at Sambhali HQ again. Since tourists are still not present, we don’t sell any products through the boutique. Luckily, we have a few orders that all Graduates are working on. They are making kimonos, scrunchies, bags and many more items. Overall, they are just glad to be back with everyone and to be able to work on new items as a group again. We hope it stays like that! 

In June, we had to say goodbye to our long-term Manager of the Graduates, Ms. Kavita Bihal. She joined Sambhali in 2012 as a sewing teacher in one of the Women Empowerment Centers. Since 2013, she has been the supervisor of our Graduate Sewing Program. Under her guidance, the center grew and became one of the Trust’s most valuable projects. We will miss her dearly but wish her all the best for her future! 
Kavita with some of our Graduates
Recognition of the Trust
Recognition of the Trust by India’s Youth Story
To learn more about volunteering with Sambhali please follow the link below: Volunteer with us

Text by Roxanne N.
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