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Sambhali Trust in October 2020 

Dear Sambhali supporters and friends from all over the world,

We wish you a beautiful month of November!

The numbers of positive Covid cases are increasing in most countries across the globe and we hope you’re all well and safe. 🙏🏼

Welcome back, Laadli & Sheerni girls! 

After more than half a year, all girls from both Sheerni and Laadli Boarding Homes were able to return to Jodhpur and live in the hostels. We are very happy that they now can live in the hostels and continue with their education, according to Government guidelines. The girls of grades 6th-12th years will have online-learning under the supervision of Rajshree Rathore, our Head of Educational Services. Those in 5th grade and younger will have home-schooling with our tutors who provide lessons pre- and post-lunch. Additionally, they enjoy yoga & exercise classes and discussion workshops. 

The first minute we welcomed all girls, we could see how happy they were to be back at the hostels and with each other as a family.

In addition to the other tutors, Ms. Monica Jod has joined the Boarding Home teams as a full-time employee until the schools start for the primary education girls of both hostels. Monica was the first girl who got a scholarship from Sambhali Trust. In the last year, she supported Ms. Vimlesh Solanki in the Aadarsh - Save Youth, Save Nation Project to educate girls and boys about several puberty issues. 
The Sambhali Nirbhaya Project

Our new Team Members, psychologist Ms. Abhilasha and legal expert Ms. Shivani, are already providing much needed counselling and guidance through our Nirbhaya Helpline to the aggrieved callers. In the last month, more than 70 Women have called the Helpline number. The callers are usually victims of gender-based violence & exploitation or atrocities. Especially during this pandemic, women are suffering more male aggression in and outside their families. Furthermore, we have also launched workshops on Domestic Violence and Mental Health at our centers in Jodhpur. These two experts have been joined by local volunteers.
Besides counseling on the Helpline, some women have also visited our office in person to have one to one conversations with our counselors. The Trust is trying its best within its capacity to satisfy them and provide them with any assistance they need.

At the same time, we go from door to door to distribute our Nirbhaya flyers in the neighborhood of our women and girls Empowerment Centers in Jodhpur. The flyers are in Hindi and consist of our helpline number and important information on domestic violence, etc. We want to sensitize the people about the gender-based abuse and encourage them to call the Helpline instantly, also if anything happens in their neighborhood. 

Some more great news! Once again, our work was acknowledged by CNN in their feature on global domestic violence. Their team held discussions with the women and girls of our centers on various aspects of gender-based violence and encouraged them to ask questions, share doubts and seek solutions to this very social problem victimizing the females. Furthermore, they spoke to our counselor Ms. Abhilasha about the issue and its gravity. 

Here is the link to the feature:

Covid-19 Awareness Campaign 

On 31st October, we successfully wrapped up our 3-month long Covid-19 awareness campaign which we did with the city administration and Municipal Corporation. We started this campaign with the manufacturing of handmade reusable masks by our Graduates, primarily to provide them employment. These masks were initially distributed among police and administrative officials and labourers at different spots of Jodhpur. Later, the masks by the Trust were also donated to the Mask Bank which was set up by the Municipal Corporation. 

Later on, our mission attracted the attention of the city administration and together with them, our Team launched the campaign “Toko-Corona Roko” (Intervene and Stop Corona) to spread awareness among the people about masks and social distancing. Now, we have achieved the target of 15000 masks of which over 10000 masks have been distributed for free. The rest has been stored to deal with any urgency in the future.

Women Empowerment Centers

The women who joined our newly opened Women Empowerment Centers are settling in well and everybody is adjusting to the ‘new normal’. They enjoy learning embroidery, basic Math and English and how to make Rajasthani garments as well as weekly workshops on subjects including Mental Health.
Additionally, students of three of the Centers are participating in our ‘No Mask No Entry’ project by making reusable face masks.

Only 46 days until this year‘s Christmas! 

The Christmas Season 2020 is for sure different than all previous festive seasons but it’s always possible to bring some Christmas atmosphere into your own home. 

Our Graduates have prepared new products for the festive holiday. Ms. Kavita and Ms. Rashi have worked tirelessly to come out with some very beautiful designs for the Christmas tree decoration and other traditional occasions ahead. The girls and women have worked on these designs for a few weeks now. They all love creating the beautiful items besides working on ongoing national and international orders. Since our boutiques are still closed and no tourists see their craft skills and buy their handmade products, they are thankful for additional opportunities.

All products listed on our website and in the catalogue ( can be ordered via E-Mail: or

Volunteers at Sambhali

Another return from Europe! 

After Aram Bishop, Carin Troll from Germany has decided to join our Team again. Carin was a volunteer in Viramdeogarh, Setrawa from January to April this year. She was one of our first volunteers involved in the new rural Government School Project and was additionally a great help in the Food Distribution Project when the first lockdown was announced back in March. 

Now, Carin came back for 6 months to help with daily office work and to support Monica with the tuition classes at the Boarding Homes pre-lunch on a daily basis. 

Thank you for your support and blessings!
Sambhali Trust

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Text by Roxanne N.
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