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March 2021 - Sambhali Trust
Welcome to our March news, dear supporters & followers of Sambhali!

We hope you all are fine and managing to survive throughout all the various restrictions and measures in place due to the pandemic. In India, whilst everything was feeling very optimistic in January and February the incidences of Covid are unfortunately on the increase again which has meant that the schools have now closed again for 2 weeks after re-opening for the first time since March 2020 in January and February for Class 6 and above.  Therefore, we have had some difficulties at Sambhali as well and had to adjust to the current situation again. If you want to know more, please look at our recent updates on our social media accounts. Again, thank you so much  for your support during this difficult time for everyone!
International Women‘s Day 2021
For the second year in a row, Sambhali’s celebration of the International Women’s Day was different compared to recent years. Although we weren’t able to do our Rallye on the 7th March, the girls and women at our projects had a beautiful celebration. They still created posters with their drawings and thoughts and had a great time at their centers. Additionally, our staff conducted workshops on Women’s Rights, Gender Equality and Stereotypes for a whole week. Everyday should be International Women’s Day!
We are very proud to introduce you all to our newest project: Garima (dignity)! We have set up our office in Jodhpur to be a safe drop-in center for members of the LGBTQIA+ community. The project offers professional support for people who suffer physical, mental or financial abuse. With the help of professionals, we try to help those affected to create a strong and trustworthy network. We want to be a safe place where everybody can spend some time to learn about their rights, their emotional well-being and to find guidance & support from our experts. The Sambhali Trust Garima Project’s foundation is trust, faith, hope, gratitude, love, affection and kindness. It provides ear-to-ear & heart-to-heart conversations and a great environment. 
As long as current COVID restrictions allow us, we want to have weekly meetups every Sunday. The plan is to break cliches & barriers, share experiences & stories and to come together for talks about human rights, gender stereotypes, cyber crimes and many more important topics. 
The project is still in its pilot phase but we are already challenged by neighbors and society. If you want to know more about it, please write us a mail via
Laadli Girls Home
Our Laadli Girls with their Housemother, Ms. Chand Kanwar, and Sambhali’s Founder & Managing Trustee, Mr. Govind Singh Rathore, in 2019. 
In January 2022, our 5-year funding program for Laadli Boarding Home with our generous sponsors PADEM and the Ministry of Luxembourg comes to an end. Therefore, we need to find new sponsors for these 26 girls.
The hostel opened in April 2017 for girls between the ages of 5-9 years old from the rural Thar desert area surrounding Setrawa village 100km West from Jodhpur. Sambhali gives them an opportunity to receive a better education which enables them to have more opportunities for a better life and a career in the future. 

Many underprivileged girls have the potential to be exceptional students but are not given the opportunity or encouragement to explore their capabilities and discover their unique talents, especially when they live in rural areas. At our Sambhali Boarding Homes in Jodhpur, we offer general education to these girls and enable them to attend a good school as well as receiving tuition in the boarding home through dedicated Sambhali tutors. This project’s goal is a better and healthy living for them and a great education.
Laadli has a housemother and a cook who live with the girls. Volunteers and local tutors attend each day to help with the education of the girls and their homework including computer and drama tutors. They also provide weekly workshops, cultural and sport activities.

Due to COVID, all schools and the boarding homes were closed since March 2020. The Laadli Girls were allowed to return to the boarding home in October 2020. Only since January 2021, schools in Jodhpur have started to reopen again for Class 6 and above. All Laadli girls are in Class 5 and below, so we have increased the tutor support to provide a full educational time-table following the curriculum under the supervision of our Head of Educational Services, Ms. Rajshree Rathore who is in contact with the St. Francis School. In Jodhpur, we can provide them a healthy daily routine, proper nutrition and education in all basic subjects at both Boarding Homes. On Saturdays, the girls get comprehensive general knowledge within activity and informative workshops. Additional drama and computer classes take place for development of self-confidence and a wide range of useful skills. 

The Funding:
From January 2022 on, we need to provide funding for the 26 girls in Sambhali Laadli Boarding Home for the following 5 years to enable them to complete their secondary education. 

Financial Plan for 2022-2026
  Budget (Indian rupees) Individual donors (90%) Crowdfunding (10%)
2022 2567085 2310377 256708
2023 (Budget 2022 + 5%) 2695439 2425896 269543
2024 (Budget 2023 + 5%) 2830210 2547189 283021
2025 (Budget 2024 + 5%) 2971720 2674548 297172
2026 (Budget 2025 + 5%) 3120306 2808276 312030

This works out as approximately a maximum of:
98000 rupees per girl for 2022
1100 euros
£960 GBP

If you would like a breakdown of the budget we will gladly send it to you. We are going to start a crowdfunding campaign soon with Milaap which we will let you know about. 
Maybe some of you know possible donors and sponsors or have great ideas for the recruitment of new partners - if yes, then we would be more than happy to hear from you via mail to Govind at 
Thank you for your help! 

Current COVID-Situation  
In the times of lockdowns and tough restrictions, the Trust concentrates on capacity building of our team. Various workshops were and are organized to help our team learn and live the NGO’s vision & mission at work. Our centers are closed again for 2 weeks in line with schools until 19 April, due to an increase of active COVID-numbers in Jodhpur. Everyday, the local teachers join daily workshops at Sambhali HQ. Although we are all sad about the current situation, it is always great to use this time to gain more knowledge and experiences.
The local teachers of our Jodhpur projects together in the hall of Sambhali HQ.
In March, Monica’s story was published in one of Jodhpur’s newspapers. The article is about her long journey: how she started as Sambhali’s first scholarship and centre student in 2009 and where she is now, currently working as a tutor at Laadli Girls Home. We are very proud of her! 
After the great recognitions of our Trustees Mr. Virendra Singh Chouhan and Mrs. Mukta Kumari last month, we are very happy for our General Secretary, Mrs. Shyama Tanwar, who was honored with the Women ICON Award in Jodhpur. Well deserved!
The Team of Sambhali Trust wishes you a beautiful month of April and that all of you stay safe and healthy. Let’s get through this challenging time together! We hope we will see each other soon again. 
Take care! 
To learn more about volunteering with Sambhali please follow the link below: Volunteer with us

Text by Roxanne N.
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