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Sambhali Trust - April 2021
Dear friends & supporters of Sambhali,

We hope all of you are fine and safe. 

At this time last year, India experienced the strictest lockdown in world’s history. Back then, nobody would have thought that the number of active COVID cases in April 2021 would be worse than in April 2020. Unfortunately, we are currently facing a very dangerous situation. These days, India suffers from more than 300,000 positive COVID cases daily and is called the “home to the world’s worst ongoing Corona Virus outbreak”. The real number is expected to be even higher.

Rajasthan has announced a strict two-weeks lockdown from May 10 to May 24. Luckily, the local Government allowed us to keep the main Sambhali Office open during the upcoming 2 weeks. We have ordered more than 200 ration kits for emergency cases.

Some members of our Covid group working in the hall of the Sambhali HQ in Jodhpur. 
Food distribution 
Middle of April, we re-started our food distribution project in Jodhpur by purchasing and sharing 2,500 food boxes with the Municipal Board. Additionally, we are providing rations to Sambhali participants in need, especially to those going through the holy time of Ramadan at the moment. The contribution of food rations will be repeated every 7-10 days according to the need of these families. The mask distribution is working well since August 2020 and will be continued. 

Those in vulnerable situations and in need of counseling can call the Nirbhaya HelpLine and will talk to a psychologist working with Sambhali Trust. Senior staff can also be contacted separately for telephone counseling, as well as our General Secretary, Mrs. Tanwar. We are also making sure that those contacting us are enrolled on the vaccine register. A few days back, our landline was once again printed in a local newspaper. In this way, it is easier for more people to reach out to us in case they need any help. Moreover, we can give them the numbers of further helplines which can assist them in other cases, for example funeral services. 

In the Red Zones of the city, our team goes from house to house to talk to women in poor financial and health conditions. They collect their names and addresses so that we are able to support them with food rations whenever possible. 
Working with the local Government 
Meeting with the medical officer at a quarantine camp. 
The Trust is in touch with the Local Government of Jodhpur and offered its help to the District Administration, the Municipal Board and Medical Department of the city. We let them know that we are ready to help in all ways possible. At this point, Sambhali would like to provide each of them 5 Lakh worth of equipment and supplies as they require. The Municipal Board has let us know that they would like to buy some oxygen generators and we have immediately supplied 2,500 disposable plates which are used to get food to those in quarantine centers. Contributions of oximeters and other medical items are arranged as often as possible for the hospitals in the city. Jodhpur is facing more than 2,000 new cases every day. Our projects are closed again since the end of March.

What we have donated so far in the city of Jodhpur:
2 digital ECG machines 
800 N95 masks 
200 bottles of sanitizer 
90 oximeters 
10 dustbins
200 pieces of files
10 stamp pads 
60 pens 
To help more people in the rural area around Setrawa again, we have organized a Test Camp in the village. The staff of our Setrawa Empowerment Centre organize the project. The numbers there are higher these days than last year. Additionally, the 22 families we took care of last year for a longer period are provided with food rations again. They are the most vulnerable people of the 11 villages we have worked with during the first lockdown and mostly widows, old people without children and people with disabilities. Same as in Jodhpur, they will get new rations every 7-10 days according to their need. 
A few days back, we were able to donate medical supplies including an ECG machine and nebulizers to the Setrawa hospital as well. 

So far, we were able to donate following items in the village of Setrawa:
1 digital ECG machine 
200 N95 masks 
10 oximeters 
1 fetoscope 
3 nebulizers 
COVID Test Camp in the village of Setrawa
We are all in this together!
We are very grateful for your solidarity and endless support. Hopefully, we can reach as many people as possible. Please help us again to support more people out there waiting for medical supplies, food and counseling. The Milaap campaign for our food distribution project last year during the first wave of COVID-19 was a huge success. Thanks to you, we were able to help many vulnerable people in the district of Dechu Tehsil. 
For the new wave, we are updating that Milaap campaign again. More current news and updates will be posted over there. Please share the link and help India through this difficult time.

Thank you and stay blessed & healthy. 
Sambhali Trust
To learn more about volunteering with Sambhali please follow the link below: Volunteer with us

Text by Roxanne N.
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