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Sambhali Trust - May 2021
Dear friends of Sambhali Trust,

We hope all of you are well and healthy. 
The situation in India is still very critical and Sambhali is doing its best to help as many people as possible.The state of Rajasthan is still in lockdown but the Government began to ease certain restrictions as the numbers of positive cases are decreasing. At the moment, the state registers about 900 new cases daily. 
In addition to the second wave of COVID-19, the nation is fighting the Black Fungus epidemic. End of May, India has recorded more than 8,800 new cases of the rare but deadly disease. The disease is especially affecting recovering and recovered COVID patients. Some doctors fear that the black fungus epidemic will most possibly become more challenging than COVID-19. Therefore, we are very busy taking care of the hungry and needy people around Jodhpur and Dechu Tehsil and spreading awareness of both COVID and Black Fungus. Thanks to you, we are able to support more and more people!
Our work with the Government 
Donation of 80 oximeters by Sambhali Trust to the District Magistrate
During this lockdown, we are in constant contact with the Local Administration in Jodhpur. They benefit from our voluntary work and we get information from them whenever medical supplies, etc. are required at certain places such as hospitals. A few days back, the Officer Deputy Commissioner of Police, Sh. Dharmendra Singh Yadav, visited our office and spent an hour learning about the Trust and its activities. It was an honor to welcome him at Sambhali

With your help, we could donated 80 oximeters to Jodhpur’s District Magistrate and following items to the MGH Hospital, MDM Hospital and the Isolation Centre Bornada:
- 500 reusable masks 
- 110 oximeters 
- 200 sanitizers 
- 60 pens
- 200 files
- 10 stamp pads
- 200 N95 masks 
- 1 ECG machine 
- 10 dustbins 
- 80 surgery dresses for doctors 
- 80 dresses for nurses
- 80 dresses for ward staff at the hospitals

These days, everything is needed in the local hospitals. We are glad that we can donate some supplies. Additionally, 250 N95 masks were distributed to the ADM Office in Jodhpur.
In the middle of May, we faced some difficulties on the K.N. College Road which leads to our HQ: Because of the ongoing lockdown, an unlimited number of needy and vulnerable women gathered in front of our building to ask us for food and general support. We have been demanded by the local police to stop our distribution of rations from the office and concentrate on home deliveries instead. Consequently, we have set up a schedule for food distributions at the HQ between 9.00am and 11am. The bigger amount of rations are delivered to the people directly. With the help of the local authorities who allow us to work, we were able to manage these new restrictions within our Sambhali Food Bank. Good for us, they managed that all our main staff members got their first COVID vaccination. This is a great step forward.
These days, more and more local administrations, social activists and politicians are asking for our help. We have to choose families and needy people very carefully. It is very challenging to know that we can’t help all vulnerable people around us but we try our best. 
Police and many vulnerable people gathered in front of Sambhali HQ.
Sambhali Food Bank
Last month, we heard about the situation of the people who take care of the horses in the city of Jodhpur. They are also jobless and suffering for a long time now. We called some horses and their owners to our main office at Sambhali HQ and offered them food. In total, we bought food for 30 horses, 5 camels and 26 donkeys. On one day, we went to the Clocktower Market and located some of the women who sell old Sarees. This is not possible at the moment so we supported them with ration kits as well.
By the end of May, the Trust has reached 5379 people with over 1046 ration kits in Jodhpur and around Setrawa & Jaisalmer.
Distributions in the desert
At the moment, we are in the middle of the third row of food distribution to the chosen families in the Thar Desert. Our local volunteer, Sh. Rawal Singh Khanodi, supervises the rural project. He was also a big part of last year’s initiative. A few days back, we received the generous donation of a 5 liter oxygen concentrator which we will use for the CHC Setrawa village. Additionally, we were able to buy 40 oximeters, 200 masks and 200 sanitizers which will benefit 25 villages in the Dechu district. 
Following items were donated to the Setrawa Govt. Hospital in May:
- 300 COVID tests
- 10 oximeters
- 6 nebulizers
- 2 fetoscopes
- 600 N95 masks
- 2 oxygen concentrators
- 1 oxygen cylinder 
- 1 ECG machine 
- 10 oximeters
- 1 RAD-G oximeter 
Since Setrawa is located between Jodhpur and Jaisalmer, people in Jaisalmer have heard about our Food distributions as well as in Barmer nearby. Therefore, some of our Team members filled our vehicles with ration kits, drove 300 kilometers through desert areas and distributed over 100 kits to 153 families in Jaisalmer and 100 kits to families in Barmer for 385 people. A few local volunteers known to the Trust helped delivering the food packages. Many people in Jaisalmer are musicians and earn most of their money with tourists at sights or in hotels. Both things are still not possible and those people suffer from hunger and joblessness.
Our Annual Report 2020/21
In the first half of the year, our online intern from the organization World Unite, Robyn An, has written the Annual Report for 2020/21. We are very excited to share it with you and hope you enjoy it!
Thank you!
We are very thankful for your ongoing support and solidarity. It means the world to us to know that so many people worldwide are helping us through this difficult time. We hope we can continue with our work and help as many vulnerable people in Dechu Tehsil as possible.
Our Milaap campaign is still active and we are grateful for every cent. 95 Rupees ($1,20) a day can feed a family of 4-5 people with 3 warm meals. Please have look at the link below.

Thank you & take care.
Sambhali Trust
To learn more about volunteering with Sambhali please follow the link below: Volunteer with us

Text by Roxanne N.
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