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Happy New Year 2021!!

The whole Sambhali Trust Team wishes you a prosperous New Year and only the best for the next months. We hope you had a lovely Christmas last month and that you are well and healthy. 

To start the new year in the right way, we will share our recent activities in the month of December with you.

Goodbye 2020
2020 was a difficult year for everybody on this planet. The COVID-19 pandemic surprised us and hit us more than we would have expected. Sadly, the numbers of positive cases and deaths are still high in most places while people, small businesses, hotels, and more continue to struggle with their existence. Nevertheless, more and more official vaccines are coming and many nations could already start to vaccinate their citizens. It will take a while to rebuild what has been damaged but we are thankful for the glimpse of hope in 2021.
Current situation in India & Jodhpur

Nowadays, India is counting around 16,000 new infections with the virus on a daily basis. In Rajasthan, there are accordingly about 480 new cases every day. Luckily, Jodhpur is not ranked within the most 20 affected regions in India, according to the World Health Organization. Nevertheless, safety guidelines are most important and we still will not risk to reopen our Primary Education Centers at the moment.

The latest WHO report of mid-December also states that India is on the forefront of developing vaccines and that Indian short films are playing a critical role in communicating awareness regarding COVID-19 and spreading strong messages about its challenges.

Final Meeting of the Sambhali Trust Team in 2020
On 31st December, Govind and all staff members held the last meeting of the year. Govind addressed all activities and situations of 2020, especially the pandemic and precautions and talked about the new year. It is great to mention that none of our Empowerment Centers had any Corona patients since we reopened them on October 1st. This success shows that everybody is following the safety guidelines properly which is very relieving for the whole Team.
Our Empowerment Centers
From 21st November until 21st December, all our Empowerment Centers were closed due to the increasing numbers of positive cases in Jodhpur. The affected staff returned to summer habits and came to the main office every day. There, they engaged in teaching workshops and shared their experiences with each other. We hope that the situation will be better at the beginning of 2021.
Our Boarding Homes
The tuition at both Boarding Homes is running very well and the tutors are satisfied with the progress of the girls. The girls are doing fine handling the current situation and are focusing on school work and exams. It is a long way to cover up the long time without any studying or school related work but they are on a good way. Additionally, the Drama tutor is very happy with the girls’ improvement in confidence and communication. According to the tutor, the girls especially improved to express themselves.
Staff activities & bonding in the desert of Rajasthan
On first of January, Govind and a few Sambhali staff members used the last days of their holidays for a trip to Govind’s ancestral village Setrawa. They stayed for a few days on their own expanses and enjoyed the quiet and peaceful surrounding. The new energy and collection of beautiful moments as a team motivated all staff to return to their work at Sambhali even stronger. We are happy that the office atmosphere is calm and that everybody is getting along with each other. This is a good omen for the New Year and our work!
Volunteer News 

In the last months of December, we have been lucky to welcome Ms. Haruka Matsuta to our Team. She was our recent World Unite online intern from Japan. During her internship of two months, she was coordinated by Roxanne and worked on cultural differences between India and Japan, especially regarding the depiction of women. She talked to a few of our Office staff members and did a survey for people from India, Japan and Germany to compare different opinions on marriage. 

Her final post on Sambhali’s social media: “I realized that more people in India focus on the social status or class than in other countries like Japan or Germany. Additionally, I was surprised that the way of thinking about marriage is different in all the countries. In Japan and Germany, marriage is always connected to love but in India, it is not that common. In India, the women’s status in families is lower than in other countries. But still, it also depends on the family and the region they live in. In some families, the status of both men and women are equal like in most families in my country Japan. The women‘s family status in India is similar to the old Japanese tradition: the wife does the household and the husband works for they family. In Japan, this old tradition was changed because of globalization. I think with lots of effort of the Indian government, stimulation from other countries, NGOs, and also women’s effort itself, problems of women’s empowerment in India can be solved. During this internship, it was difficult to help women in bad situations because of COVID-19. However, I think learning something is the first step to help people. My next step is to tell my experience to my friends. After this pandemic, I want to go India, and join these activities in person!” – Haruka Matsuta

We hope all of you are doing well and that you enjoy reading about Sambhali’s recent activities. Thank you for staying by our side and for all your support. 

Take care and stay safe and healthy. We wish you all the best from Jodhpur and hope to see you soon. 

Sambhali Trust

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Text by Roxanne N.
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