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Cramond Association Members' Newsletter
Cramond Association Members' Newsletter
November 2020
Each member should have received an email invitation to register for access to the new Members’ area on our website.  Over 95 people have already done this and can now watch videos of this autumn’s past talks.

If you have rejoined but have not received an invitation to register for the members’ area please contact us.
L is for LINK
One of the consequences of our COVID-19 way of life is a lack of spontaneity.  One now has to book a slot to go for a walk round the Botanic Garden, to visit a museum or even to go for a swim.  The same applies to Cramond Association lectures.  Please don’t forget that you have to “book” a place for each live Association or History Section talk.  The announcement for each lecture will include instructions on how to email the Association to request a LINK to that lecture.  The LINK will be sent to your email address so all you have to do then is keep it safe until the day of the lecture!

“Historic Scottish Churches: the Continental Connection”

Speaker: Professor Adam Cumming
Wednesday 18 November at 7.30 pm
To book a place and receive an entry link, email us
The choir of Glasgow Cathedral
© Adam Cumming
To book a place and receive an entry link for this talk, email us.

Scotland has many mediaeval church buildings which developed over centuries.  Their design was influenced from all of Europe with close continental connections.  These will be described and illustrated.  This topic has been an interest of Adam’s for many years and travel across Europe has allowed him to see and study those links and influences which form the talk.
For more information contact History Section Convenor:
Norah Carlin 0131 467 0832

“Re-Drawing Edinburgh – Commemorating a Centenary”

Speakers: Henry Sullivan and Ashleigh Thompson
 from Edinburgh City Archives
Monday 30 November at 7.30 pm
To receive a Zoom link for this talk, email us
In 1920 Edinburgh expanded to include Cramond and Barnton amongst other areas.  The City decided that this needed to be marked and the City Archives have been working on the commemoration with local groups from the areas affected.  Henry and Ashleigh will be describing the background and how the commemoration has been adapted to respond to the effects of the coronavirus.
Professor Anthony Seaton, Vice President of the Association, kindly gave us two linked talks in October.

The first, to the History Section, was called The Air we Breathe – A Short History.  Despite teething problems with the technology, Prof Seaton was able to entertain and educate the nearly 20 virtual attendees.  He covered the discovery of the nature of air, and how its purity is vital for our healthy survival.  This led to a discussion of pollution, particularly from particles suspended in the air and how they produce damage to our lungs and other vital organs.  He ended with a cautionary tale on the causes and impact of climate change and the effect that this will have on us and our civilisation.  The talk was followed by a lively discussion.

The second talk, an Association lecture, was called Our environment and disease: the war with microbes.  There were about 30 attendees on-line, and while we realise that this is less than we are used to for our physical meetings, it can be challenging and unusual for many of us!  The number is growing and we hope that Zoom lectures will help to entertain and inform members so long as the current restrictions hold.
Prof Seaton outlined the history of our understanding of disease, from imbalance in the humors, through miasma spreading in the air, to the discovery of the microscope and an awareness of bacteria.  He touched on the importance of cleanliness, particularly for surgeons, and the resistance to these new ideas.  That understanding helped design and develop treatments for disease.  The approach became even more important with the discovery of viruses as a source of infection.  The discussion of how these were treated and managed, mainly through vaccination, led to a discussion of the current pandemic, showing that the approaches being taken were based on our past experience, and ending with an exhortation to follow the advice on cleanliness, social distancing and care.  The meeting ended with questions and discussion – not so easy on Zoom, but still a satisfying response.

Both talks were recorded and are now available to registered members only on the members’ area of our website.
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