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Arthur Lopez
Andrea Vargas

July 29th, 2022, 4-6 pm

Opening Reception

I am pleased to have Arthur Lopez and Andrea Vargas here for our Spanish Market Show in Santa Fe this year.  They are each creative and talented in their respective artistic genres.  Our opening reception is on Friday, July 29th, from 4-6 pm.  The show will continue during Spanish Market weekend and through the next week.  If you are in the area, please stop by the gallery on Friday to meet the artists or to see these amazing pieces in person!

Arthur Lopez has long been one of my favorite Santos carvers.  This year, his "Pillars of Strength" are an extraordinary group of pieces.  It is both the size and the detail of each piece that is a bit breath-taking.  For once, I would say that it is worth the time to see them in person.

Andrea Vargas has been painting her current body of work for the past year!  Her show is entitled "Cielos de Arrebol"  Her new oil paintings capture the New Mexico landscape and skies with color and artistry.  It was exciting to hang this show in the gallery and watch the colors and majesty of what she created come to life!  There are both smaller and larger landscape paintings, and below is a photo of some of the more minor works hung together on one wall. 

Our next event is "Boxed," which includes over a dozen Pueblo clay boxes from the 1920s.  This will be one of the first shows with this many boxes featured in one release!  It has been years of collecting them and curating them to create this event! 

We are busily preparing for the events surrounding the 100th anniversary of the Santa Fe Indian Market.  Our annual show will be Friday, August 19th, from 3–5 pm.  Mark your calendars!  We have almost 20 artists here for the show!  It is going to be a busy summer!

I want to thank everyone for their continued support of the gallery and the gallery artists over the past year.  It has made a difference for us through an uncertain time.  It has shown us the importance of connections in tenuous times.  It speaks to the value of art in our lives.  Please continue to stay well, safe, and healthy. 

Each day we will continue to add our New Additions to the website.  I hope you continue to enjoy it!

You can check out Instagram and Facebook for more frequent updates.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Charles S. King

480.481.0187 Scottsdale  

480.440.3912 Santa Fe

Gallery Hours

Scottsdale: Mon-Sat 10-5,

Santa Fe: Mon- Sunday 10–5 pm, and by appointment

Arthur Lopez: Pillars of Strength

"Pillars of Strength"

"A pillar is a bridge between Heaven and Earth. The vertical axis both unites and divides the two. Someone who can be trusted with your stability gives comfort and support through difficult times.  Each piece has the architectural idea of a "pillar" and is a distinctively new direction for my art". 

Arthur Lopez is one of the leading Santos carvers in New Mexico.  The process for Arthur's work is bound in tradition.  After the piece is carved, covered in gesso (a glue made from rabbit hide) which is allowed to dry and then sanded, then painted with natural and watercolor pigment.  Natural colored pigments, such as brown, are derived from black walnut hulls.   These are the time involved and historic foundations for his work.  

We are pleased to present this fantastic body of work from one of the leading Santos artists in the country.  Arthur's artistic expression continues to breakthrough the history of Traditional Spanish Colonial art in New Mexico.  Each piece demonstrates his expressive ideas utilizing and honoring traditional techniques to arrive at his uniquely contemporary, one-of-a-kind creations.  Consistently Arthur has pushed the boundaries of the New Mexico Santero tradition that has placed him a the forefront of his craft.

Arthur's work is found in numerous museum and public collections, including Albuquerque Museum of Art & History,  Denver Art Museum,  Freedom Museum (911 Memorial at Ground Zero), Harwood Museum of Art, Museum of International Folk Art,  Museum of Spanish Colonial Art, and the State of New Mexico Permanent Art Collection.

Andrea Vargas: "Cielos de Arrebol"

"My paintings take place on the desert soil known as Piedra De Lumbre, in New Mexico—a sacred landscape from where I watch the sun rise and set over red earth and juniper trees, and my new series based on this land is bound together by the title, Cielos De Arrebol.

In Spanish, the word "arrebol" has a particular meaning tied to the atmosphere: It describes the colors in the clouds evident when the sky glows in the pink-ish sunlight at a particular time of day. My new series focuses on geographical landmarks that are signature to the region, such as the mountains surrounding Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu Lake, and the Pedernal. As a point of reference, most art historians immediately recognize the blue Pedernal mountain area in O'Keeffe's paintings; I painted several miles southwest from this well-known vantage point at Casita De Arrebol. The change in the location provided a change in perspective, a new angle on a well-known subject." Andrea Vargas

Gallery News
Please mark your calendar.  Friday, August 19, from 3-5 PM, is our Annual Indian Market Show at our Santa Fe Gallery!  This year we have an impressive list of artists who will have new work and be in attendance.  If this is your first time going to the show, make sure to catch it!  It's always one of not just our top events but one of the most exciting shows in Santa Fe for the Indian Market!
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