Shape of the World Newsletter #9 October 2016
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Newsletter #9: IndieCade


Hello from Stu: We're packing our bags and getting ready to show off the game this weekend at IndieCade.

It’s hard to believe that last summer we were at E3 with just an early concept demo of the game (and midway through our Kickstarter Campaign) and now, 16 months later, we are headed back to LA once again with our latest and greatest build (the first half of our Alpha build) to show it off at IndieCade16! We were thrilled to find out we were selected as part of their Digital Selects feature. If you are in LA on October 14-16 come by and say hi! We will be there along side other great games such as Hyper Light Drifter and Night in the Woods.

Target Dates & Alpha Build

We know summer has come and gone and we’ve missed our initial target date. We apologize for that but unfortunately we felt like we would be unable to deliver the experience that we promised by our original date. We are still hard at work and will be finalizing an exact release date soon. Our intention is to have this game in your hands by Spring/Summer next year.

What you can expect sooner than that is an Alpha build. We’re aiming to wrap it up by the end of the year. If you would like to playtest the Alpha build (and be willing to provide us with feedback) please send an email to with “alpha” in the subject line. Thanks to those who have already contacted us. We’d love to hear your opinions so we can incorporate them into the Beta build and beyond.

Game & Audio Progress

We’ve hired a couple 3D Modelers to help us make an amazing array of assets, both environmental models and strange, spiky, squishy creature models. Our audio artist Brent Silk has been not-so secretly posting some of his tracks (works in progress and a peek at the official soundtrack) on his Soundcloud page.

The first half of the game is largely done, now, and that’s what you’ll be able to play at IndieCade. Stu has been refining the environment and player paths, enhancing gameplay systems such as monuments, boardwalks and underwater growth, and sprinkling in a couple new critters. There’s also a brand new UI front end, complete with working chapter jump points for the entire game. It’s really coming together and we can’t wait to get it to you.


What a great name for a video game digital magazine! We recently talked with Stu Horvath over at Unwinnable about how we approach exploration, incentives and enemies (or lack thereof) within Shape of the World in their latest issue (Sept 2016). You can subscribe to their monthly online magazine here.

Radio Silence

We've haven't published newsletter very regularly over the past few months; Stu was temporarily sidelined by the final crunch period for his day job. But that period has now passed so expect more frequent tweets and Facebook posts. Thanks for following along on this journey and for your continued support!  

As always, thanks for partaking in this journey with us! 


Stu Maxwell & The Shape of the World Team

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